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Business Strategy Mapping is the discipline of mapping business opportunities from potential to profitability and the points in between. This method is different from other methods in that it visually shows how marketing, finance and operational strategies relate to each other and need to fit together in order to optimize the results of all the strategies.


Progressive benchmarks being clearly 'time marked' as part of the Business Strategy are necessary. Capital Change Factors being reflective of any Business Strategy Mapping - especially with assisting not only the management, managers and other participants (workers, trainees,and other organisations) in better understanding how to generate and deliver value to both the management teams, workers, customers and the companies.


Evaluation of the benchmarks is integrated in the business strategy mapping enabling a well rounded set of data which progressively either enhances the mapping strategies success or flags the change factor points within the business strategy. A wide range of quantifiable and qualitative measurements being included in the business strategy mapping aspect as reporting steps interspersed within strategic timeline.

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