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Canadian Association for Stock Car Auto Racing
Sport Stock car racing
Category Auto racing
Jurisdiction Canada Canada
Founded 1981 (1981)
Headquarters Delaware, Ontario
President Anthony Novotny
Sponsor General Tire
Closure date 2006

The Canadian Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (CASCAR) was the governing body for amateur and professional stock car racing in Canada.


Established in 1981 by President Anthony Novotny, CASCAR boasted the highest level of stock car racing in Canada and sanctioned Canada’s only national stock car racing series, the CASCAR Super Series.

On November 16, 2004, CASCAR announced it had entered a multi-year operational and marketing agreement with NASCAR,[1] after NASCAR had formed NASCAR Canada earlier in the year.

This also opened the way for NASCAR's purchase of CASCAR.[2] The purchase will allow Craftsman Truck Series, Busch Series and Nextel Series races to take place in Canada beginning in 2007.

On September 12, 2006, NASCAR completed its purchase of CASCAR and announced the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series, a series of 10–12 races from May–October 2007.[3]


Unlike NASCAR, which mandates the use of steel-bodied shells, CASCAR-approved cars consisted of fiberglass bodyshells covering custom-made tube-frame racing chassis. Also, where NASCAR had strict rules concerning body shapes (in order to maintain as much parity as possible among the approved models), CASCAR's rules tended to be more lax.

However, as in NASCAR, CASCAR cars' engines were normally aspirated, pushrod V8 units producing approximately 500 horsepower (370 kW).

Race courses[edit]

CASCAR events were held on short track ovals, permanent road courses, temporary road courses and street courses. NASCAR's schedule, on the other hand, heavily favored larger oval courses with the occasional permanent road course event, and has no street course events. In recent years, new additions to NASCAR schedules have tended to be 1.5-mile (2.4 km) oval tracks.


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