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CT or ct may stand for:


  • c. t. (cum tempore, Latin for "with time") indicates that a lecture will begin a quarter-hour after the stated time; this is in contrast to "s.t." (sine tempore, Latin for "without time"); see Academic quarter


Time and units of measure[edit]

  • Central Time Zone, a time zone in Canada, the United States, and Mexico
  • Carat (purity) (ct), a measure of the purity of gold and platinum alloys
  • Carat (mass) (ct), a unit of mass used for measuring gems and pearls
  • Centime (ct), the French for "cent", used in English in several Francophone countries
  • Stotinki (ст), the currency of Bulgaria
  • Count (ct), a frequently used abbreviation for a quantity of an object



  • CT (company), a registered agent firm
  • Canadian Tire, a Canadian company engaged in retailing, financial services and petroleum
  • Calgary Transit, the public transit service in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • Central Trains, a former train operating company in the United Kingdom
  • Česká televize (CT), the public television broadcaster in the Czech Republic
  • Malayan Races Liberation Army, which was referred to as "Communist Terrorists" or "Charlie Tango" by the British during the Malayan Emergency
  • Community Transit, the public transit service in Snohomish County, Washington, U.S.
  • Conister or sometimes "Conister Trust, an Isle of Man-based financial institution

Sports, entertainment, and media programs[edit]

Other uses[edit]