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The River Forth by Cambuskenneth

Cambuskenneth (Scottish Gaelic: Camas Choinnich pronounced [ˈkʰamas̪ ˈs̪kʲɛnɪl] ) is a village in the city of Stirling, located in central Scotland. It has a population of 250 and is the site of the historic Cambuskenneth Abbey. It is situated by the River Forth and the only road access to the village is along Ladysneuk Road from Alloa Road in Causewayhead. In 1935 a footbridge was constructed across the river to the neighbouring district of Riverside. Prior to then, the access to Stirling was by ferry.

The village is on the site of an old orchard. The village pub, the Abbey Inn, is on the corner of North Street. Beside the footbridge is the village hall, which is the meeting place of the community council, and across from that the park, which has a children's play area and a small football pitch.

Coordinates: 56°7′24″N 3°55′7″W / 56.12333°N 3.91861°W / 56.12333; -3.91861