Campaign against Sultan Masudi Hazaras

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Campaign against Sultan Masudi Hazaras
Wardak in Afghanistan.svg
Date 1505 C.E.
Location Maidan Wardak Province part of Hazarajat, Afghanistan
Result Successful operations against the Hazaras.
Timurids of Kabul Sultan Masudi Hazaras
Commanders and leaders
Zahir-ud-din Muhammad Babur ?

After the conquest of Kabul, Babur had imposed a large contribution of horses and sheep on the Sultan Masudi Hazaras and sent collectors to receive it. However, his collectors returned unsuccessful. The Hazaras refused to pay as they did not recognize Babur as their legitimate sovereign. Several times before they had been guilty of depredations on the roads of Ghazni and Gardez. Babur decided to subdue the Hazaras in what is now Maidan Wardak Province of Afghanistan.

Babur took the field for the purpose of falling on them by surprise and having advanced by way of Maidan Shar he cleared the pass of Nirkh District by night and by the time of Fajr prayers, fell upon the Hazaras in the territory of Chatu and defeated them. He then levied the taxes on them and returned by way of Sang Surakh. Jahangir Mirza II took leave to go to Ghazni while Babur returned to Kabul.