Cane River (Jamaica)

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Cane River
Origin 18°00′54″N 76°41′34″W / 18.015039°N 76.692746°W / 18.015039; -76.692746[1] & 18°01′17″N 76°42′21″W / 18.0213439°N 76.7057276°W / 18.0213439; -76.7057276[1]
Mouth 17°56′37″N 76°41′50″W / 17.943574°N 76.697134°W / 17.943574; -76.697134[1]
Basin countries Jamaica
Source elevation 3,500 feet (1,100 m)[1] & 2,700 feet (820 m)[1]
Mouth elevation Sea level[1]
Source of Cane River is located in Jamaica
Source of Cane River
Source of Cane River

The Cane River rises at twin sources in the vicinity of Derby Peak in eastern Saint Andrew Parish, Jamaica from where it flows south to the Caribbean Sea.[1]

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