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Coordinates: 17°38′S 67°13′W / 17.633°S 67.217°W / -17.633; -67.217
Country  Bolivia
Department Oruro
Province Cercado Province
Municipality Caracollo
Population (2001)
 • Total 4,412
 • Ethnicities Aymara, Quechua
Time zone BST (UTC-4)

Caracollo (hispanicized spelling) or Q'araqullu (Aymara q'ara bald, qullu mountain;[1] "bald mountain"), is a small town in Bolivia located in the Cercado Province in the Oruro Department. In 2010 it had an estimated population of 5,429.[2] Located at the place where the highway from La Paz splits into two roads towards Cochabamba and Oruro, the town is a frequent starting point for long marches intended to influence the Bolivian government.


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Coordinates: 17°38′13″S 67°13′07″W / 17.6369°S 67.2186°W / -17.6369; -67.2186