Lyric Street Records

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Lyric Street Records
Lyric Street Records logo
Parent company Disney Music Group
Founded 1997
Founder Randy Goodman
Status Defunct
Genre Country
Country of origin USA
Location Nashville, Tennessee
Official website Lyric Street Records

Lyric Street Records was an American record label of the Disney Music Group that specialized in country music.


President Randy Goodman, formerly a general manager for RCA Records, founded the label in 1997.[1] Its first acts were Lari White and Aaron Tippin, both of whom were formerly signed with RCA.[2] SHeDAISY signed to the label in 1999.

Rascal Flatts debuted with Lyric Street in 1999 with the single "Prayin' for Daylight" and soon replaced SheDAISY as the company's flagship act.[3] In December 2006, Lyric Street signed Bucky Covington, an American Idol finalist.[4]

The label launched a subsidiary label, Carolwood Records, in October 2008.[5] Jessica Andrews was the first artist signed to this subsidiary label, followed by Trent Tomlinson (who was formerly signed to Lyric Street proper) and Love and Theft. Carolwood was shuttered in November 2009, with most of its staff being transferred back to Lyric Street.[6] Love and Theft, Ruby Summer, and The Parks were moved to Lyric Street proper, and Tomlinson returned to it.[7]

On April 14, 2010, Disney Music Group announced the closure of the Lyric Street label. This announcement also stated that Bucky Covington, Kevin Fowler, Tyler Dickerson, and Rascal Flatts would be transferred to other branches of Disney Music Group. Buxton, Love and Theft, and The Parks were dropped altogether with the closure of Lyric.[3] By August, Rascal Flatts had transferred to Big Machine Records.[8] In 2011, Love and Theft moved to RCA Nashville.

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