Celia Sawyer

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Celia Sawyer
Another Celia Sawyer 2013 Cool 10 Project.jpg
Celia Sawyer boarding another Cool 10 Plane project
Occupation Businesswoman,
Interior designer,
property developer,
Four Rooms dealer, business angel.

Celia Valerie Sawyer (born August 1966) [1] is a businesswoman, interior designer and a dealer both through her own companies and on the Channel 4 programme, Four Rooms. [2] As a dealer, Celia collects art, artefacts and collectables and has an extensive client base for which she sources rare and beautiful objects. Celia is also a property developer, has an extensive portfolio from London to Barbados and has invested in film projects and script development.[3]


Sawyer left school aged 15 with few qualifications but became director of several companies [1] and a self-made multi-millionaire.[2] She is the owner of a Knightsbridge interior design company, Cool10 Luxury Interiors,a property developer, a business investor and a tv celebrity and in 2012 became one of the four dealers in the TV programme Four Rooms. [4]

She will judge Your Home In Their Hands on BBC One.


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