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The Chakkam Khanathon School โรงเรียนจักรคำคณาทร จังหวัดลำพูน [1] was founded in 1904 in Lamphun, Thailand. The school has a student body currently of 3,000 students. The grades are 7th through the 12th year.

The school's history [2] reflects the local peoples traditions in learning in Lamphun, Thailand.

The educational staff is reflected from the first founder Mr. Choy (นายช่วย มินิกานน์)[3] to its current leader Mr. Amnouy (นายอำนวย อุตตระพยอม). Other leaders are listed as well that have contributed to the growth of the school.

The current board of directors [4] are responsible for the day-to-day affairs of Chakkham High School.

Honor students such as Teepakorn Chaitham encourages all students to be number one [5] in their educational pursuits by completing their homework and participating in activities and the various clubs offered by the administration.