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"Beer, Beer, Beer", also titled "An Ode to Charlie Mopps - The Man Who Invented Beer"[1] and "Charlie Mopps", is a folk song originating in the British Isles. The song is often performed as a drinking song.


It is not known where the song was created. There are numerous theories as to where in the British Isles it originated from. It is often held to have been created in Irish pubs[2] however another theory puts it as being created in the 1800s in music halls in the British Isles.[3] Another theory hold that it is an English folk song passed down through the years. It was originally published in English folk magazine SING. It was noted that the three pubs mentioned in the song are based in London along the River Thames.[4] In 1956, the song was taken to Australia, presumably by English sailors, and became popular there but in Melbourne, the lyrics were changed so that it was performed differently to the rest of the world.[5] This was due to Peter Francis of the New South Wales Bush Music Club altering the words and adding a new verse to it to make it a distinctly Australian variation of the original British lyrics.[6] As a result of this, there is sometimes an erroneous assumption in Europe that "Beer, Beer, Beer" is of Australian origin.[7] In the United States, the song was performed there, titled as "Charlie Mopps" but was noted to have similar titles to other drinking songs such as Champagne Charlie and Willy the Weeper with similar themes of praising alcohol.[1]

"Beer, Beer, Beer" has been recorded a number of times by singers including the Clancy Brothers and Marc Gunn.[3] The song was also included in the 2004 video game, The Bard's Tale where it is performed by drunks in the first pub in the game.[8]

Charlie Mopps[edit]

"Beer, Beer, Beer" is based around Charlie Mopps (also spelt Charlie Mops), the fictional inventor of beer. His name is presumed to rhyme with barley and hops, two of the main ingredients in beer.[9] He therefore is praised for his creation in "Beer Beer Beer". "Beer, Beer, Beer" has also been the inspiration for the name of a number of pubs, which have named themselves after "Charlie Mopps".[10]


The Lyrics below are from the traditional version of the song:[11]

Beer, beer, beer, tiddly, beer, beer, beer
A long time ago, way back in history
When all there was to drink was nothing but cups of tea
Along came a man by the name of Charlie Mopps
And he invented a wonderful drink and he made it out of hops

He might have been an admiral, a sultan, or a king
And to his praises we shall always sing
Look what he has done for us, he's filled us up with cheer
Lord bless Charlie Mopps,
The man who invented beer, beer, beer, tiddly, beer, beer, beer

The Abbey, the Connaught, the Hole in the Wall as well
One thing you can be sure of, it's Charlie's beer they sell
So come on all me lucky lads at eleven O'clock ye stops
For five short seconds, remember Charlie Mops
One, two, three, four, five


A barrel of malt, A bushel of hops, you stir it with a stick,
The kind of lubrication to make your engine tick.
Forty pints of wallop a day will keep away the quacks.
It's only eight pence ha'p'ny a pot and one and six in tax
One, two, three, four, five


The Lord bless Charlie Mopps!


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