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Charlie Mopps or Charlie Mops is the mythical inventor of beer, as described by the drinking song "Beer, Beer, Beer". His name is presumably meant to rhyme with barley and hops, two main ingredients in beer.


The Clancy Brothers' version of the song is available on the album Irish Pub Songs[1] and the Brobdingnagian Bards recorded a version of the song for their album The Holy Grail of Irish Drinking Songs.

Molson used the song (with some changed lyrics) in a series of advertisements for their Molson Canadian 'Bubba' product, in the late 1980s and early 1990s.[2]

There is a rendition of the song in the 2004 PlayStation 2, Xbox, Android, and PC game The Bard's Tale (2004). It is sung by three inebriated regulars at the pub in the first area visited.

The Missoula Montana defunct ska/oi! band The Skoidats recorded a version of the song in 1997 on their record The Times.

The San Diego roots rock band The Fab Lushes have recorded the song and perform it regularly.

It is also favored as the theme song for a popular local access show called The Brew Happy Show. Hosted by creator and craft beer enthusiast, Damian DeBuiser on Portland Community Media with episodes released simultaneously on Blip.TV to share with those outside Portland, OR. The Brew Happy Show is a program about the people and lifestyles that surround the craft brew community, usually focusing on local talent or business' for their guests and conversation topics.


Lyrics below are from the Clancy Brothers recording:

A long time ago, way back in history
When all there was to drink was nothing but cups of tea
Along came a man by the name of Charlie Mops
And he invented a wonderful drink and he made it out of hops

He might have been an admiral, a sultan, or a king
And to his praises we shall always sing
Look what he has done for us, he's filled us up with cheer
Lord bless Charlie Mops,
The man who invented beer

The Jury's Bar, the Clancy's Pub, the Hole in the Wall as well
One thing you can be sure of, it's Charlie's beer they sell
So come on all me lucky lads at eleven O'clock ye stops
For five short seconds, remember Charlie Mops
One, two, three, four, five


A barrel of malt, A bushel of hops, you stir it with a stick,
The kind of lubrication to make your engine tick.
Forty pints of wallop a day will keep away the quacks.
It's only eight pence ha'p'ny a pot and one and six in tax
One, two, three, four, five


The Lord bless Charlie Mops!


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