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This article is about the surname. For other uses, see Chenoweth (disambiguation).

Chenoweth is a name of Cornish origin meaning "new house" (Chy noweth) in the Cornish language, and usually pronounced with the emphasis on the middle (second) syllable. The pronunciation of the 'ow' is often anglicised to rhyme with cow, but the original Cornish language pronunciation is to rhyme with low.

Variant spellings[edit]

Over 90% of Chenoweths in the United States are from one common colonial family.[citation needed] Ninety percent of these use Chenoweth as the common spelling; 5% use Chenowith. Other variations are Chenowth, Chinowth, Chinouth, Chinworth, Chenworth, Chenneyworth, Channeyworth and Chineworth.[citation needed] Chynoweth is a common spelling found in some parts of the British Commonwealth.[citation needed] The use of Chynoweth in the US comes from subsequent immigrations in the 1800s to the States.




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