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Members of the Chicago Tafia outside the ABC7 studios on State Street, Chicago: St. David's Day 2011

The Chicago Tafia Welsh Society (also known as the Chicago Tafia) is an expatriate Welsh group formed in Chicago, Illinois, USA, in 1999. As one of the youngest and most contemporary Welsh groups in North America, the society strives to provide a link between the present culture of Wales and the Chicago area.


The group’s activities include organizing social gatherings to watch Welsh sporting events and musicians, and celebrating events such as St. David's Day. Over the years they have been involved with over a dozen concerts for Welsh male voice choirs in the Chicago area, including the Pendyrus, Penrhyn, Bangor, Black Mountain, Burlington and CF1 choirs at prominent Chicago venues.

In 2007 the group attracted the former lead singer of Catatonia, Cerys Matthews to entertain them at their annual St. David’s Day party. In the same year, they successfully lobbied the Illinois General Assembly into signing into law Bill HR0149, which proclaimed March 1, in 2007 and each year thereafter, as St. David's Day in the State of Illinois, in recognition of the Welsh contribution to the state.[1]

In 2009, 2010 and 2011 the Chicago Tafia partnered with the British Consulate-General in Chicago and Colliers B&K to illuminate the iconic Wrigley Building red, white, and green (the colours of the Welsh flag) on March 1, St. Davids Day.[2]

Chicago Tafia brick in Cardiff, Illinois


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