China Strike Force

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China Strike Force
Hong Kong poster
Traditional 雷霆戰警
Simplified 雷霆战警
Directed by Stanley Tong
Produced by Andre E. Morgan
Barbie Tung
Written by Steven Whitney
Stanley Tong
Starring Aaron Kwok
Norika Fujiwara
Leehom Wang
Ruby Lin
Mark Dacascos
Paul Chun
Music by Nathan Wang
Cinematography Jeffrey C. Mygatt
Release dates
  • 21 December 2000 (2000-12-21)
Running time
103 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language English
Box office HK$ 20,513,906

China Strike Force (traditional Chinese: 雷霆戰警; simplified Chinese: 雷霆战警; pinyin: lèitìng zhànjǐng) is a 2000 Hong Kong action film starring Aaron Kwok, Norika Fujiwara, Leehom Wang and Ruby Lin. It was directed by Stanley Tong and written by Steven Whitney and Stanley Tong.


Two young Chinese Police Officers, Darren (Aaron Kwok) and Alex (Leehom Wang) investigate a murder they witnessed.


China Strike Force was shot in both Mandarin and English. The director Stanley Tong shot the film in Shanghai as the location as he found it cheaper than shooting the film in Hong Kong and he also wanted to get to know mainland China better.[1]


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China Strike Force was released on 21 December 2000 in Hong Kong where it grossed a total of HK$ 20,513,906.[4] At the 20th Annual Hong Kong Film Awards, the film was nominated for Best New Performer (Wang Lee Hom), Best Action Choreography (Stanley Tong and Ailen Sit Chun Wai) and Best Sound Design (Paul Pirola).[5]


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