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Chris Gregory 2010

Chris Gregory (born May 18, 1963) is an American professional ring announcer and host for Muay Thai boxing, MMA and boxing shows and events. Primarily seen in syndication over the last 18 years with the WCK,[further explanation needed] as well as Pay-Per-View and numerous live televised events throughout China, Thailand and Manila. He is known as "The King In The Ring"[according to whom?] for voicing the phrases, "Fight Fans, It's Time to Rock and Roll!", before each bout.

Early life[edit]

At 13 years old, Gregory was featured on The New Mickey Mouse Club and then later, while still in High School, was in the Follies Bergere at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. By the age of Seventeen and a half it was time for Broadway. Gregory appeared on Broadway in such shows as A Chorus Line, DreamGirls, and Leader of the Pack. By 1986 he moved to Los Angeles and began to do Voice-Overs for TV and Radio Commercials along with Hosting Shows and Events. Gregory began his first Ring Announcing job in 1993 in Los Angeles.

Professional background[edit]

Chris Gregory has been seen in syndication and Pay-Per-View events worldwide, along with ESPN, Fox Sports, The Sports Channel and many others including Chinese, Philippine, and Thai Channels. He has shouted out countless World Championship fights for the WBC, WMC, WBC Muay Thai, IKF, WCK MUAY THAI, IAMTF, IKKC, MTAA, INVINCIBLE, and many others. He is also an established voice-over announcer for commercials and promos.


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