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Christian Schesaus (1535 – July 30, 1585) was a Transylvanian Saxon humanist, poet, Lutheran pastor and a resident of Mediaş.

He studied in Braşov and, from 1556 to 1558, at the University of Wittenberg.

Ruinae Pannonnicae, his best known work, was written in Latin and composed in dactylic hexameter on the model of Virgil's Aeneid. The subject of the poem dealt with the events in Transylvania, Hungary, Wallachia and Moldavia over the 31 year period of 1540 to1571. It may be noted that Schesaus insists on the Roman origin and heritage of Romanians, backed by evidence he presents (together with proof of Dacian contributions). The work was first printed in Wittenberg (1571), and it ensured that Schesaus was awarded the title of Poet Laureate by Prince Stephen Bathory.

Around 1580, Christian Schesaus was living in Biertan; he died of the plague.

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