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Christopher Phelps (born 1965) is an American political and intellectual historian of the twentieth century. The subjects of his research and writing include philosophical pragmatism, concepts of class and labor in social thought, the fate of the American Left and the socialist ideal, and ideas of race in American and African American history. Phelps teaches in the School of American and Canadian Studies at the University of Nottingham in England,[1] having previously taught history at the Ohio State University, the University of Oregon, and Simon Fraser University in Canada. He has received the Fulbright Award twice, to teach philosophy at the University of Pécs in Hungary in 2000 and American Studies at the University of Łódź in Poland in 2004-2005.


Sole Author[edit]

  • Young Sidney Hook: Marxist and Pragmatist, Cornell University Press, 1997; 2d ed., University of Michigan Press, 2005.

Edited or introduced[edit]

  • The Jungle, by Upton Sinclair, Bedford/St. Martin's, 2005.
  • Race and Revolution, by Max Shachtman, Verso, 2003.
  • Towards the Understanding of Karl Marx, by Sidney Hook, Prometheus, 2002.
  • From Hegel to Marx, by Sidney Hook, Columbia University Press, 1994.

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Further reading[edit]

  • "Phelps, Christopher", in Contemporary Authors Online, Thomson Gale, 2006

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