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Clay-Battelle High School is a high school in Blacksville, West Virginia. It is operated by Monongalia County Schools.

Clay-Battelle High School, located just below the Mason-Dixon Line in the Clay District, near Blacksville, WV, was formed from the consolidation of Blacksville, Wadestown, and Daybrook high schools in 1939. The building was constructed as part of Franklin Roosevelt's Administration of Public Works program. Clay-Battelle High School was designed by architects Tucker & Silling,

The school was named for the two districts in the western end of Monongalia County, and they, in turn, were named for the statesmen Henry Clay and Gordon Battelle.

Grey and blue were chosen as the school colors because of the school's proximity to the Mason-Dixon Line. This line marked the significant separation of the North and South at the time of the Civil War.

On October 25, 2006, Clay-Battelle opened the new Commons, Administrative Offices, Kitchen, and 6 new classrooms. The new gymnasium and the new video conferencing center are scheduled to open in late December. The third and final stage of the building renovation, an auditorium, is scheduled to be finished before the end of 2007.


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