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For the song by George Fox, see Clearly Canadian (song).
Cherry-flavoured 11 oz. bottle (Generation #1)

Clearly Canadian is a North American premium beverage brand, produced by The Clearly Food & Beverage Company. The brand was founded in 1987[citation needed] and is well known throughout North America, Scandinavia, parts of Europe and Japan and was extremely popular in the 1980s and 1990s.


Founded in 1987 by Canadians in British Columbia, Canada, the brand came to prominence over the following 15 years after selling over 2 billion bottles worldwide.[citation needed]


The firm has owned at one time or other: My Organic Baby, DMR Food Corporation; and Cascade Clear Water Co.


  • 1987: Clearly Canadian flavoured sparkling water is introduced.
  • 1993: Annual sales hit $155 million.
  • 1993: Royalty agreement with Camfrey Resources is terminated for $22.9 million.
  • 1994: Clearly Tea and Clearly Two beverages are test-marketed.
  • 1996: Hostile acquisition pursuit of Sun-Rype Products Ltd. initiated.
  • 1996: Orbitz, with free-floating gel spheres, is introduced.
  • 1997: Cascade Clear Water Co. is acquired.
  • 1998: Clearly Canadian O+2, Battery, and Refresher drinks are introduced.
  • 2000: Packaging of flagship line is redesigned and diet flavours are added.
  • 2001: Founding Management exits.
  • 2005: Recapitalization brings about new ownership and management.
  • 2006: Company founder resigns as chairman.
  • 2007: DMR Food Corporation is acquired.[1]
  • 2007: My Organic Baby is acquired.
  • 2008: Clearly Canadian stars in reality TV series "Bobby G: Adventure Capitalist" on MOJO.
  • 2010: Successful creditor reorganization.
  • 2013: Fan-sourced (crowd-sourcing) direct-to-consumer pre-sales campaign.
  • 2015: Pre-sale campaign reached its goal of 25,000 cases pre-sold, pushing the product back into production. [1].

Brands, products & flavours[edit]

Cherry-flavoured 14 oz. bottle (Generation #2)

Clearly Canadian has released many flavours and formats over the years, including the following flavoured sparkling waters:

  • Wild Cherry
  • Green Apple
  • Peach Mango
  • Orchard Peach[2]
  • Mountain Blackberry
  • Coastal Cranberry
  • Summer Strawberry
  • Country Raspberry
  • Western Loganberry
  • Tropical Tangerine
  • Alpine Fruit & Berries

Additionally, the brand has released the following product extensions:

  • Clearly Tea
  • Clearly Sparkling Tea
  • Clearly Canadian Sparkling Water (non-flavoured)
  • DailyHydration
  • DailyEnergy
  • DailyVitamin
  • DailyBeauty *(never released)
  • Clearly O+2
  • Clearly H2O
  • Tre Limone
  • Orbitz

Bottle history[edit]

Clearly Canadian has been released in a number of packaging formats, principally in glass and PET bottles, that have always highlighted their distinctive flavours with vibrant colours and graphics.[citation needed] The brand's first generation signature "tear drop" glass bottle, shown to the right and for which the brand is famous, is an 11-oz (325-ml) light blue conical bottle. This bottle has come in two styles, one embossed with the name Clearly Canadian on it, the other not. The brand's second generation glass bottle was a 14-oz (414-ml) cylindrical bottle, which has been discontinued. In PET plastic, the brand has been available from time-to-time in standard 16 oz. (448ml) formats.

Beverage ingredients[edit]

The beverages have used a number of different ingredients and formulas over the years.[citation needed] Its flagship sparkling flavoured water line uses natural Canadian spring water and natural flavorings. Depending on formulation, the drinks have been sweetened with raw cane sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, sucrose and others.

In popular culture[edit]

In 2014, as an attempt in resurfacing the Clearly Canadian beverage, the popular YouTube channel, Good Mythical Morning, challenged its audience in supporting the pre-sales campaign within their "6 Snacks That Should Be Brought Back" episode of their sixth season.

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