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Clone may refer to:


  • Cloning, any organism whose genetic information is identical to that of a parent organism from which it was created
  • Clone (cell biology), a group of identical cells naturally derived from a common parent cell
  • Clone (B-cell biology), a process of immunological B-cell maturation
  • Molecular cloning, an exact replica of all or part of a macromolecule (e.g. DNA)


  • Clone (computing), a computer hardware or software made by a third party, such as PC clones or Macintosh clones
    • Video game clone, a software game or game franchise heavily inspired by another
  • [clone Database}, a complete and modify database which used for development and testing.
  • clone (Linux system call), in C, relating to multi threading.
  • clone (Java method), a method in the Java programming language for object duplication
  • Clone tool, a tool used in image manipulation programs


  • Phone cloning, the transfer of identity from one cellular device to another





Other uses[edit]

  • Clone (voting), in voting systems analysis, a candidate identical to one already present in an election
  • Castro clone, a fashion movement arising from the gay community in the Castro district of San Francisco, California

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