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Coki Ramírez
Birth name Patricia Silvana Ramírez Ter Hart
Born (1980-02-06) February 6, 1980 (age 34)
Origin  Argentina Córdoba, Argentina.
Genres Pop, pop rock, Latin pop melodic
Occupation(s) Singer, Model and Actress.
Instruments Vocals
Years active 2002—present
Labels Sony BMG
Associated acts Alberto Plaza, Noel Schajris, Ricardo Montaner, Fito Paez, Julio Iglesias, Valeria Lynch , Aleks Syntek .

Patricia Silvana Ramírez Ter Hart (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈkoki raˈmiɾes]; born in Córdoba (Argentina) on February 6, 1980), best known as Coki Ramírez, is a singer, model and actress from Argentina.[1]


Patricia Ramírez, was born on February 6, 1980 in the Barrio Urca neighbourhood of Córdoba, Argentina, where she spent her childhood and adolescence. Much of her early life was spent at her parents' deli where she played with her sisters and pretended to build houses with Coca-Cola crates. This resulted in her nickname Coki.

Coki Ramírez's family is of German origin. She is the daughter of Juan Ramírez and Ana Ter Hart. She has two twin sisters called Gabriela and María Fernánda.Her family members attest that from an early age she demonstrated an undeniable passion for music. Throughout her teen years Coki was the star of all her family gatherings, where she received a great deal of support from her loved ones on account of her musical abilities. After high school she chose to pursue a musical career while also studying to become a dental prosthetist.

Musical and Television career[edit]

His first experiences as a singer were in Córdoba ballrooms where he played songs in English. Coki was determined to succeed and decided to try his luck in the neighboring Chile. With a career that lasted surprisingly, Coki Ramírez was called early by Chilean singer Alberto Plaza to accompany him on a tour of Latin America as part of its chorus section. So, ironically, he managed to succeed in a foreign musical before triumphing in his.

However, Plaza was not the only international singer who Coki Ramírez made stage appearances with, she also collaborated with Ricardo Montaner, Julio Iglesias, Noel Schajris, Aleks Syntek, Valeria Lynch, Los Nocheros, Fito Paez and many more.

In 2007, he released his first album, called Presente, where artists such songs.

The true rise to fame of Patricia Coki Ramírez took place on the night of August 3, 2010 when she was invited by the boxer Fabio Moli to the television show Bailando por un Sueño (Argentina), led by Marcelo Tinelli. She would become that weeks leading participant in the show.

In the following months the young singer appeared on almost every television medium in Argentina. As a result of her new-found fame, she was chosen as a replacement for Sabrina Rojas and Lola Ponce in Bailando por un Sueño (Argentina) 2010.

In 2011 she again participated in Bailando por un Sueño (Argentina) where she was one of the revelations and incredibly made it to the semifinals, losing in the telephone vote to Hernan Piquín and Noelia Pompa.

In February, the first guest was famous for singing in the new reality of Ideas del Sur, Soñando por Cantar, despite the problems that occurred in the satellite channel signal, El Trece could present live television his CD can.

In May, he participated in the third chapter of concubines in the character of Coka, a neighbor of Peter «Peter» Alfonso, who comes from José Mármol, Buenos Aires.

In 2012 she released her second album titled Se Puede, in which she collaborated with various Argentine artists. The purchase of each CD benefits the «Acercar» association, which offers aid to children with various disabilities.

In July, Coki Ramírez gave an intimate concert in Buenos Aires, during which he recorded two video clips that will be featured in Argentina and other countries.[2]

In November, Coki participated in the successful novel Dulce amor (telenovela), where he will play a former girlfriend of Stubborn, called Cati.The character played by Hernán Estevanez (Sebastián Estevanez cousin), who owns the bar in the series.[3]

In December, the new video premiere of Coki «Tu ya no estás» in Quiero música en mi idioma.[4]


Before graduating from dental prosthetist worked as a model and paraded in Chile and other countries.In 2008, he designed his own sportswear brand called 351.[5]

In 2011, while in Showmatch, participated as a model in some Claudio Cosano parades, designer clothing, such as «Cuidá tu Corazón» opening BAAM 2011.[6] After was in Moda Show de Mar del Plata. He also participated in a fashion show, called El Desfile del Show.

In 2012 marched again in Moda Show de Mar del Plata, which was attended by Mirtha Legrand.[7] Also paraded alongside Nicole Neumann in BAAM 2012.[8] In July posed for a photo campaign for a brand of shoes production Green and Black for the summer campaign 2013. In August 2012 participated in the parade Santiago Fashion Look which ended with a musical show.[9] In 2013, while in the play Los Grimaldi, she established herself as «La Chica del Verano» with 49.19% of the votes, a total of 509,171 people who chose to Coki.[10]


  • 2007 : Presente.
  • 2012 : Se Puede.



Year Title Channel Role
2010 Bailando 2010 El Trece, Argentina Herself/Participant-replacement for Sabrina Rojas and Lola Ponce.
2010 Demoliendo teles El Trece, Argentina Participant/Singer
2011 Bailando 2011 El Trece, Argentina Participant-Semifinalist
2011 Quiero música en mi idioma Channel Host TV/Participant
2011 El desfile del Show El Trece, Argentina Participant/Model
2011 Cantando 2011 El Trece, Argentina Participant/Singer
2011 Sábado Show El Trece, Argentina Participant/Singer
2012 Soñando por Cantar El Trece, Argentina Participant/Singer
2012 Quiero música en mi idioma Channel Host TV/Participant
2012 Sabado Show El Trece, Argentina Participant/Singer
2012 Concubinos (Chapter #3) El Trece, Argentina Actress ("Coka")
2012 Gracias por venir Telefé, Argentina Participant/Singer
2012 Am, Antes del Mediodia Telefé, Argentina Guest/Panelist
2012 La pelu Telefé, Argentina Participant/Singer
2012 Antes de que sea Tarde América 2, Argentina Participant/Singer
2012 Prende y apaga Todo Noticias, Channel Participant/Singer
2012 Recital en Vivo Magazine, Channel Singer
2012 Dulce amor (telenovela) Telefé, Argentina Actress ("Cati")
2013 Los Grimaldi Canal 9, Argentina Actress/Singer
2013 Soñando por Cantar El Trece, Argentina Participant/Singer


Year Building Role
2012 - 2013[11]
Los Grimaldi
Patricia Linares[12]


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