Communication-Centric Intelligence Satellite

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Communication-Centric Intelligence Satellite
Operator Defence Research and Development Organisation
Major contractors Defence Electronics Research Laboratory
Mission type Reconnaissance satellite
Orbital elements
Altitude ~500 km
For Military Purposes Only

Communication-Centric Intelligence Satellite is an Indian advanced Reconnaissance satellite, being developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). It will be India's first officially declared dedicated spy satellite and it may be in orbit in 2014.[1] This satellite will help Indian intelligence agencies to significantly boost surveillance of terror camps in neighbouring countries.


The CCI-Sat will be able to capture images, eaves drop on communication (for example, a conversation between two satellite phones) and perform surveillance. It will be equipped with synthetic aperture radar to take high resolution images of the target region. The cost of the satellite is expected to be around ₹ 100 crore (around US$25 million). ISRO will contribute towards the satellite's design and development and DLRL will be responsible for the payload.[1][2] CCI-Sat is part of a high-priority plan to develop electronic warfare systems for India's army, navy and air force, G Boopathy, director of the Defence Electronic Research Laboratory, was quoted telling local media.[3]


According to the Director of Defence Electronics Research Laboratory (DLRL), Mr G Bhoopathy, the CCI-Sat would orbit the Earth at an altitude of 500 km and would cover hostile regions in India neighborhood by passing on the surveillance data to the intelligence agencies. He also added that now greater focus was on space and that equipping for electronic warfare from space was a major goal of the government.[1][2]

Future plans[edit]

This satellite will also be a test bed for future technology. Similar in line with Cartosats, the satellite can be steered up to high degrees along as well as across the track, and will an agile platform fielding cutting edge technology developed from experiences gained by fielding India’s remote sensing & TES satellites.[2]

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