Communist Youth of Greece

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Communist Youth of Greece
Founded September 15, 1968
Ideology Communism
Mother party Communist Party of Greece
International affiliation World Federation of Democratic Youth

The Communist Youth of Greece (Greek: Κομμουνιστική Νεολαία Ελλαδας; KNE) is the youth wing of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE).

It publishes the monthly newspaper Odigitis (Greek: Οδηγητής, "guider") and hosts Odigitis festivals in most of the major towns and cities of Greece.

KNE is a member of the World Federation of Democratic Youth.


KNE is following the organisational structure described as democratic centralism.


KNE was founded on September 15, 1968, with a decision of Politburo of the Central Committee of the KKE, during the Greek military junta of 1967-1974, as an organization of youth with revolutionary and communist features.

It was the historical continue of OKNE (Organization of Communist Youth of Greece), of all the organizations of youth which had already took part in people's struggle in Greece, such as EPON (United Panhellenic Organization of Youth), DNE (Democratic Youth of Greece), D.N.Lampraki (Democratic Youth "Lamprakis").

The period of 1989-1991, a deep crisis shocked KNE. It was a crisis with two phases: in 1989 with a split, and in 1991 with its dissolution and the attempt of its diffusion in Synaspismos Youth League. Finally, with the efforts of some hyndreds of members and KKE's help, KNE survived and in March 1993, the 6th Congress of the Organization took place.

In late 2000s, KNE decided to constitute MAS (Front of Students' Struggle) (Greek: Μέτωπο Αγώνα Σπουδαστών, ΜΑΣ) which was finally founded by students' organizations in Athens, 6 November 2009.

The congresses of KNE[edit]

  • 1st Congress (19–22 February 1976)
  • 2nd Congress (4–7 April 1979)
  • 3rd Congress (14–18 December 1983)
  • 4th Congress (1–5 June 1988)
  • 5th Congress (25–27 January 1990)
  • 6th Congress (19–21 March 1993) "The hope is in our struggle, with KKE we open the road to the future"
  • 7th Congress (1–4 May 1997) "Youth's counter-attack to imperialism, with KKE for Socialism"
  • 8th Congress (21–23 December 2001) "Youth dynamic in struggle with working class and the people,for the Front, for the Socialism"
  • 9th Congress (12–14 May 2006) - Resolution
  • 10th Congress (7–9 May 2010) - "Communism is the youth of the world, KNE our organization"

Odigitis festival[edit]

Odigitis festival is a series of annual festivals organized in most of the major towns and cities of Greece by the KNE.

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