Conflict Catcher

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Conflict Catcher
Conflict catcher screenshot.png
Conflict Catcher 9 running on Mac OS 9.
Developer(s) Casady & Greene
Stable release 9.0.1 / 2002
Operating system Mac OS
Type Utility
License Shareware
Website n/a

Conflict Catcher was a popular utility software application for the Mac OS, written by Jeff Robbin and published by Casady & Greene. It aided Macintosh users in solving operating system conflicts with extensions and control panels (see Extension conflict). Conflict Catcher included a printed manual written by David Pogue.

An OS X version was never released, since OS X does not use extensions. The last version of Conflict Catcher was version 9, for Mac OS 9, sales were already declining and in 2003 Casady & Greene filed for bankruptcy. Conflict Catcher 9 was priced at $63, significantly higher than average prices for utility software.