Conrad II, Duke of Carinthia

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Conrad II (probably 1003 – 20 July 1039), called the Younger, was the Salian duke of Carinthia from 1035. His parents were Conrad I and Matilda of Swabia. His father died in 1011 when Conrad the Younger was a minor. Adalbero of Eppenstein was given the duchy of Carinthia. Instead Conrad became count in Nahegau, Speyergau, and Wormsgau.

In 1024, as his father and grandfather in 1002, Conrad was a candidate for the German kingship after the death of the Emperor Henry II. It was his cousin, another Conrad II, the son of his paternal uncle, Henry of Speyer, who was elected king. In 1035, Adalbero rebelled against Salian rule and influence and was deprived of his duchy. Conrad was chosen to replace him. He did not live long thereafter, dying in 1039. He was buried alongside his father and mother, Matilda, daughter of Herman II, Duke of Swabia, in the cathedral at Worms. On his death, his natural heir was King Henry III.

No marriage is recorded of Conrad, though a son, named Cuno, appears in 1056, selling Bruchsal to the King Henry IV.

Conrad II, Duke of Carinthia
Born: c 1003 Died: 1033
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