Constantius Bridge

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Constantius Bridge
A69 bridge over the Tyne - - 1254512.jpg
Carries Road
Crosses River Tyne
Locale Northumberland, England
Design beam
Material concrete
Number of spans three
Piers in water two
Construction end 1976 [1]
Toll No
Daily traffic Dual carriageway
Constantius Bridge is located in Northumberland
Constantius Bridge
Red pog.svg Constantius Bridge shown within Northumberland
grid reference NY921654
Coordinates 54°59′02″N 2°07′26″W / 54.984°N 2.124°W / 54.984; -2.124Coordinates: 54°59′02″N 2°07′26″W / 54.984°N 2.124°W / 54.984; -2.124

Constantius Bridge is a modern concrete bridge across the River Tyne about 1 mile (2 km) west of Hexham, Northumberland, England. The bridge carries the A69 road over the River Tyne and forms part of the Hexham bypass.


In 1976 a new road was built to replace the old A69 through Hexham, and Hexham was by-passed on the north side of the river, necessitating a bridge crossing near Warden just west of Hexham.[1] The bridge crosses the River Tyne just down stream from the "Meeting of the Waters" - the point where the North and South Tyne rivers join to form the main River Tyne,[2] then crosses the railway to continue towards Haydon Bridge.[1]

On 30 August 1975, during construction, there was a flood and the scaffolding and shuttering for the westernmost span collapsed. The completed bridge has already required strengthening due to flood damage, showing that the Tyne has lost none of its capability for attacking bridge structures.[1]


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