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A content designer is a designer who designs content for media or software. The term is mainly used in web development. The duties of a content designer typically vary depending on the type of company and projects he or she is developing content for.[1] Depending on the content format, the content designer usually holds a more specific title such as graphic designer for graphical content, writer for textual content, instructional designer for educational content, or a programmer for automated program/data-driven content. For most content designers, no matter what field of work they design for, it is likely that they create and draw up designs that are original pieces of artwork, by making their designs as relevant to what they are communicating as possible. [2] In this industry, it is needless to say that the competitive fields of each type of design discipline, leave designers striving for higher positions, in order to increase their income. Take for example web developers, versus web designers. The difference between the two fields are that web developers deal with the non-design aspect of building websites, which includes coding and writing markup, and its hierarchy is as follows: client-side coding, server-side coding, and database technology. [3]Web designers on the other hand must make decisions that affect the color, layout and overall graphical appearance, which are influenced by the function in which they are designing it for, as well as the audience in which they wish to communicate it to.[4] These are two different fields, however, the salary of web developers, on average for 2012 has been $61,250-91,250, whereas web designers on average make approximately $53,750-88,000 yearly.[5] Therefore, it is evident that designers, no matter what content in which they design, all must have that competitive strive in order to make it higher within the industry.

Senior Designers[edit]

A senior content designer is a designer who leads a "content design" group in designing new content for a product. Depending on the purpose of the content, the role of a senior content designer may be similar or identical to a communication design, game development or educational role with a different title more associated with those professions. For example: a senior content designer in a communication design profession is better known as a creative director.


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