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The Copa Príncipe de Asturias ACB (Prince of Asturias Cup) was a basketball tournament played with teams of Liga ACB between 1986 and 1991. The 1985 tournament was called Copa Asociación or Torneo de la ACB. Since the next season to its end, it was called Copa Príncipe de Asturias.


Year Host Winner Runner-up Score
1985 Villanueva de la Serena Saski Baskonia CB Zaragoza 93–85
1986 Alcora CB Estudiantes Granollers EB 89–82
1987 Vigo Joventut Badalona Bàsquet Manresa 99–80
1988 Palma de Mallorca FC Barcelona Real Madrid 92–90
1989 Ferrol Joventut Badalona FC Barcelona 84–80
1991 A Coruña Joventut Badalona CB Valladolid 72–52

History of the Cup[edit]

1985 edition[edit]

The first edition of Copa Príncipe de Asturias was played by the eliminated teams in the Round of 16 and the quarterfinals of the 1984–85 ACB season. Caja de Álava won the tournament, which was its first official title in the club history. The final was played in Villanueva de la Serena.

   Granollers EB 84  
 CB Zaragoza 98  
   CB Zaragoza 85
   Saski Baskonia 93
 Saski Baskonia 90
   CB Estudiantes 91  

1986 edition[edit]

This was the first edition with the name of Copa Príncipe de Asturias. Like in the previous season, the tournament was played by the losers in the two first rounds of the 1985–86 ACB season. Teams were divided in two groups of four teams with a double round-robin competition. The two first qualifieds played the semifinals.

Finally, CB Estudiantes achieved the title.

Semifinals Final
CB Estudiantes 85
OAR Ferrol 74
CB Estudiantes 89
Granollers EB 82
Granollers EB 91
CB Valladolid 85

1987 edition[edit]

The 1986–87 edition was played between the months of October and November 1986. A single round tournament was played. The final was in a neutral venue. In the first time they played the tournament, Joventut Badalona took the victory after defeating Manresa and playing only the semifinal game at home.

Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
RCD Español 93
Real Madrid 104
Real Madrid 84
Joventut Badalona 99
CB Zaragoza 95
Joventut Badalona 104
Joventut Badalona 113
CB Breogán 89
CB Canarias 68
CB Breogán 91
CB Breogán 100
Granollers EB 91
Granollers EB 88
CB Valladolid 75
Joventut Badalona 99
Bàsquet Manresa 80
Bàsquet Manresa 96
CB Peñas Huesca 75
Bàsquet Manresa 84
FC Barcelona 75
FC Barcelona 120
CB Estudiantes 80
Bàsquet Manresa 83
CD Oximesa 78
Cajabilbao 78
Saski Baskonia 72
Cajabilbao 82
CD Oximesa 83
CD Oximesa 87
OAR Ferrol 84

1988 edition[edit]

Like in the last year, the 1987–88 Copa Príncipe was played with a knockout stage format, but in double leg series. The Final Four was played in single games at Palma de Mallorca. FC Barcelona won its first tournament.

  Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
 CB Canarias  
 CB Peñas Huesca  
   CB Canarias 81 78 159  
   FC Barcelona 111 101 212  
 CB Caja de Ronda 82
 FC Barcelona 84  
   FC Barcelona 93  
   Joventut Badalona 86  
 CB Collado Villalba 82 84 166  
 Joventut Badalona 107 106 213  
   Joventut Badalona 97 90 187
   CB Estudiantes 81 93 174  
 CB Estudiantes 84
 Cajabilbao 79  
   FC Barcelona 92
   Real Madrid 90
 Saski Baskonia  
 Bàsquet Manresa  
   Bàsquet Manresa 97 81 178
   CB Zaragoza 91 88 179  
 CB Valladolid 80 82 162
 CB Zaragoza 85 82 167  
   CB Zaragoza 96
   Real Madrid 111  
 Real Madrid 123 90 213  
 RCD Español 86 77 163  
   Real Madrid 90 94 184
   Granollers EB 92 90 182  
 Granollers EB
 CD Oximesa  

1989 edition[edit]

This edition was played between the three first qualified teams of Group A1 and the leader of Group A2 in the 1987–88 ACB season. The Cup was held at Ferrol in a Final Four format in September 1989.

Semifinals Final
Joventut Badalona 82
Real Madrid 79
Joventut Badalona 84
FC Barcelona 80
OAR Ferrol 71
FC Barcelona 78

1990 edition[edit]

The edition of the 1989–90 season was suspended due to a strike called by the playeres.

1991 edition[edit]

The format was similar than the 1989 edition and it was held at A Coruña in September 1991. This was the last edition of the Copa Príncipe de Asturias with teams of Liga ACB and Joventut Badalona won its third title.

Semifinals Final
Joventut Badalona 85
Real Madrid 67
Joventut Badalona 72
CB Valladolid 52
FC Barcelona 69
CB Valladolid 70

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