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Cosmote Romania
Type subsidiary of Cosmote
Industry Mobile telecommunications
Founded 2000 as Cosmorom
Headquarters Bucharest, Romania
Key people Nikolai Beckers, CEO

About COSMOTE[edit]

Cosmote România is a Romanian mobile phone operator. COSMOTE Romania, member of COSMOTE Group, launched on the Romanian market in December 2005 with the aim of making mobile telephony accessible to all. At the end of 2013, COSMOTE record 6.1 million customers, of which 25.9% subscribers. Since the beginning of its commercial activities, COSMOTE Romania undertook an ambitious network expansion and an appropriate strategy to provide quality mobile services accessible to all, winning the title of the fastest growing operator in Romania. The company has introduced attractive services in cooperation with Romtelecom and competitive mobile internet solutions for both residential customers and the business, focusing also on the smartphone segment.

Together, COSMOTE Romania and Romtelecom are constantly enhancing their integrated sales strength and invest in developing their national sales distribution channels, which included, at the end of 2013, approximately 720 points of sale (own & partner stores) and over 34,000 kiosks across the country.

COSMOTE Group’s coalition with GERMANOS in 2006, operating a wide retail network throughout the country, has further strengthened COSMOTE’s commercial presence in Romania.

At EO January 2014, COSMOTE Romania was offering the best 3G data network with mobile broadband download speeds of up to 43.2 Mbit/s in 249 cities and over 3,850 localities across Romania, covering over 67% of the population. Moreover, customers could enjoy speeds of up to 21.6 Mbit/s in HSPA+ technology in 285 cities across the country. Overall, 3G services cover more than 80% of the Romanian population.

Complete range of business products portfolio Complete range of services including fixed and mobile communication and high speed mobile broadband internet VOICE - The most effective solutions in the business sector with a portfolio covering all types of business communication needs :

  • COSMOTE Corporate Plus: Individual tariff plans, with or without minutes included at SIM or account level, offering the most flexible combination of national minutes and SMSes
  • Group tariff plans: COSMOTE Business Share plans for companies of all sizes, offering national airtime minutes and unlimited communication in the share group, depending on the subscription plan
  • COSMOTE Business Portfolio: launched in November 2012, includes bundles from XXS up to XXL Plus; can provide up to data traffic included and unlimited voice calls inside the group, available for activation in all COSMOTE and partner’s stores, as well as through COSMOTE Direct Sales channels
  • July 1, 2013, COSMOTE introduced 3 new tariff plans in COSMOTE Business Sizes portfolio with unlimited benefits like national minutes & SMSes and inlt min. to Zone 1.
  • Cost Control tool: MVPN Budget Control – a web based application - that grant the business customers the possibility to allocate minutes & credit at user/ group level
  • Roaming special offers: special roaming tariffs when travelling to a certain country
  • B2B International & Roaming EO’s launched in November 25, 2013 with special tariffs or bundle minutes./ SMS included.


  • MVPN Standard Service: private numbering plan (short dialing), mobile access, call screening
  • Private Wire Service: integration of the mobile fleet with the customer’s PBX


  • BlackBerry solutions offering secure, mobile real time access to e-mail and also accessing any internet page.
  • IP VPN, a service that facilitates the access of the companies to their resources, offers the possibility to coordinate the sales teams through mobile terminals (Sales Force Automation), enables Machine-2-Machine (M2M) connections, through a private and secure data connection using a terminal compatible with 3G/EDGE/GPRS technology (mobile phone, smartphone, USB modem or other compatible device). *Mobile broadband offering high speed Internet through the latest technologies (4G/LTE), proving to be a fast, reliable and efficient business tool. The new mobile broadband portfolio, Connect Unlimited, is available for modems, laptops or tablets
  • Internet Share facilitates the access to internet for the entire company, each user having access to the bundled traffic. Offers bundles of traffic up to 100 GB with speeds up to 21.6 Mbit/s.
  • Data Roaming Bundles: EO Office Travel & EO Office Travel Flexible available for EU countries (plus Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland); Add-on for EO Office Travel Flexible for a number of non EU countries (Israel, Croatia, Turkey and USA).


  • Starting with June 28, 2010, the calls initialized in Romtelecom network and terminated in COSMOTE network (and vice-versa) are charged as on-net calls. The largest community of more than 13 million users has been created.
  • The only offers in the market providing full and effective cost-control for fleets of fixed phones and mobile phones, facilitating communications between the employees from the company offices and the ones from the field


  • On-net SMS extra-option available for business customers with COSMOTE Corporate Plus tariff plans: EO 50 and EO 100 at SIM level
  • CUG SMS extra-option available for all Cosmote business customers
  • Off-net SMS extra-option available for business customers which have Cosmote Corporate, Corporate Plus and Business Share tariff plans. Off-net SMS extra-option are available at SIM level but also at Account level (shareable)


  • Dolce Mobile TV powered by COSMOTE - a service that allows customers to watch their favorite TV programs everywhere and at any time, using the 3G data service from COSMOTE. Moreover, the customers using a Wi-Fi hotspot from Romtelecom can also enjoy video content on demand – news and sport registrations if they have a valid account on
  • Mireo Navigation powered by COSMOTE is a turn-by-turn navigation application which offers access to all European countries maps (except Russia). The maps are stored on the device so the customer can always navigate with no other data costs, so suitable for roaming.
  • Taxiplon Driver powered by Cosmote is designed for licensed taxi drivers who want to grow their business by increasing the number of customers.

Corporate Social Responsibility[edit]

Based on Group values, COSMOTE aim is to improve the social and environmental dimension in which we operate. As a responsible and active member of society, COSMOTE strive to involve its employees, customers, suppliers and business partners in various initiatives and programs that respond to the Romanian social environment.


In December 2005, on a 60-65% mobile telephony penetrated market, COSMOTE Romania launched its commercial operations with the aim of making the mobile telephony accessible to all

Offers 2,000 on-net minutes/month for Cartela COSMOTE prepaid users
Network population coverage reaches 95% and geographic coverage rises to 82%

Expands coverage across entire Bucharest metro network and Danube Delta
Introduces its first joint offer with Romtelecom, providing Broadband Internet and mobile telephony in one discount package for both residential and business customers

The company appoints a new CEO, Mr. Stefanos Theocharopoulos
Introduces fixed-mobile solutions for the residential and corporate segment in cooperation with Romtelecom
Doubles revenues, reaching also for the first time positive EBITDA profitability of 22.5 million Euro on a yearly basis, key financial target for the year.

COSMOTE Romania customers exceed 6.92 million, posting a 17.4% y-o-y growth, reaching a 23% market share
Market leader in net additions (56,3%share in 2009)
Leader in portability service (35,6% market share in ported-in customers)
COSMOTE Group acquires Telemobil S.A (Zapp), holding a CDMA license in the 450 MHz band and a 3G license at 2100 MHz

COSMOTE launches the first broadband services leveraging on Zapp’s CDMA network
In Q1, COSMOTE posts 30% growth in business segment, compared to Q1 2009;
In April, COSMOTE launches 3G services with high speeds of up to 21.6 Mbit/s
In June, COSMOTE announces on-net tariffs for voice calls to Romtelecom fixed line network
Total revenues in 2010 reached 468.8 million Euro, posting a 7.2% growth on a y-o-y basis, while service revenues increased by 2.5%.
EBITDA rose to 73.7 million Euro, a 12.7% increase vs 2009.
COSMOTE remained indisputable leader in portability, for the second year in a row, with 61,442 port-ins.
COSMOTE Romania products portfolio enriched with state of the art mobile devices such as iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy S, HTC Desire HD, HTC Mozart but also with netbooks and laptops.

COSMOTE Romania launches Frog prepaid brand, in January
COSMOTE Romania Introduces Twitter and Facebook through SMS services
In February, COSMOTE Romania launches two new handsets under COSMOTE brand, optimized for social media
COSMOTE, Germanos and Zapp launch one of the most attractive buyback campaigns on the mobile telephony market
In June COSMOTE Romania launches new service plans for BlackBerry smartphones
In Q3 2011, COSMOTE Romania continued its successful track, strengthening its financial performance in all main indicators. Thus, in Q3 2011, the business segment grew by more than 10% versus Q2, 2011.
COSMOTE Romania launched tariff plans for iPhone and Smartphones
In September launches the second edition of COSMOTE Scholarships
In October launched a new image campaign “The Butterfly”
In November, COSMOTE Romania returns to take care of the forest planted last year nearby Ploiesti
In November launches iPhone 4S
In November, Germanos celebrated 15 years of achievements on the Romanian market
In December, COSMOTE celebrated six years of success on the Romanian market
In December, issued its first Corporate Responsibility Report in Romania In December, launched the fourth edition of Custom of Love campaign

February – COSMOTE Romania, in collaboration with Romtelecom, came to the aid of the victims of the snow in Vrancea, Buzau and Ialomita
April – introduced online payment service for both prepaid & postpaid customers
COSMOTE Romania further reduces roaming tariffs within EU up to 65%, starting July 1, 2012
Romtelecom and COSMOTE Romania launch Dolce Mobile TV – a new experience for watching TV
The company strongly increased its 3G customer base, by 113%, compared to H1, 2011
In H1, 2012, the business segment grew by 32% versus H1, 2011
The company enhances its 3G coverage, offering mobile internet services at speeds of up to 43,2 Mbit/s
In October COSMOTE Romania has become the first mobile telecom operator in Romania to hold a triple ISO certification for the Integrated Management System – for quality, environment and health & safety – issued by TUV Hellas.
November – iPhone 5 is launched in COSMOTE Romania’s offer
COSMOTE Romania celebrates 7 years of success and innovation
‘RadarMe powered by COSMOTE’, the app that lets you chat and know where your friends are
COSMOTE Romania continues, for the 5th year in a row, the Custom of Love campaign

February – COSMOTE Romania offers the best 3G data network with the most extended coverage and steps forward to the new communication era, empowered by 4G technology
COSMOTE launches CONNECT Move, the prepaid Internet Cartela offering options with unlimited online navigation
COSMOTE Romania announces that Mr. Nikolai Beckers is appointed company CEO, beginning April 1
COSMOTE Romania launches in premiership on the Romanian prepaid market All free extra-option – the only bundle on the local market that offers exclusively national minutes/SMSes and data traffic.
COSMOTE Romania continues the Earth Hour challenge through its environmental programs
Germanos reshapes its website
With the support of its customers, COSMOTE Romania will offer up to 40,000 euro to children NGOs, during the Custom of Love campaign
COSMOTE remains leader in portability – 223.450 clients were ported in COSMOTE, out of the 1.001.364 ported numbers until April 1 (Vodafone: 220.051, Orange: 219.986)
COSMOTE Romania offers crystal clear communication through HD Voice
‘Mireo Navigation powered by COSMOTE’ application guides users to their desired destination
COSMOTE commercially switches to 4G services
In Q1 2013, COSMOTE Romania maintained a relatively stable track on key performance indicators:
•number of business customers growth by 21.4% vs. Q1 2012
•company’s 3G customer base increased by 28.6% compared to Q1 2012
•postpaid ratio of 24.9%
COSMOTE launches unlimited offers also for prepaid customers
As a first on the Romanian market, COSMOTE creates a premium mobile and entertainment user experience through MTV Mobile offer
Romtelecom and COSMOTE Romania announce that, starting 1 August 2013, the following new positions were created, to respond to the needs of better coordination of the two companies, in order to improve both businesses’ performance:
COSMOTE Romania launches new business tariff plans
EBRD boosts COSMOTE in Romania’s 4G race: €225 million loan for better infrastructure in telecoms sector
In September COSMOTE Romania launches new postpaid portfolio, embarking on a transformation journey
COSMOTE customers can pay their bills through the mobilPay MasterCard Mobile application
Common appointments in Romtelecom and COSMOTE Romania
COSMOTE Romania extends the 4G coverage in Bucharest, while also expanding the service on mobile phones
COSMOTE Xplore, the first Quad Core processor smartphone under own brand in Romania
‘Taxiplon’ powered by COSMOTE – a new mobile application for ordering taxi


COSMOTE’s strategy in Romania, translated into good business results

Result 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
Customers Market share 0.5% 7% 11% 23% over 23% 24% 24% 23.8% 22.9
Customers 48.934 1.23 mil. 3.6 mil 5.9 mil. 6.92 mil. 6.9 mil. 6.5 mil. 6.3 mil. 6.1 mil.
Revenues 8.0 43.8 155.6 311 423.2 468.8 468.2 62.8 457.6

- Almost 23% market share at the end of Dec 2013, fro 0.5% in 2005
- Great synergies between COSMOTE& Romtelecom, to the benefit of the end users

Radio Frequency Summary[edit]

The following is a list of known frequencies which Cosmote employs in Romania:

Frequencies used on the Cosmote Romania Network
MCC MNC Frequency Protocol (Downlink/Uplink speed) Class Notes
226 03 900 MHz GSM/GPRS/EDGE 2G
226 03 1800 MHz GSM/GPRS/EDGE 2G
226 03 1800 MHz LTE (2x2 MIMO 75 Mbit/s/37.5 Mbit/s) 4G
226 06 2100 MHz UMTS/HSPA/HSPA+/DC-HSDPA (43.2 Mbit/s/5.76 Mbit/s) 3G Branded as Cosmote for data/voice and Zapp for data only


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