Craterian Ginger Rogers Theater

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Coordinates: 42°19′34.28″N 122°52′18.35″W / 42.3261889°N 122.8717639°W / 42.3261889; -122.8717639

Craterian Ginger Rogers Theater
Craterian Ginger Rogers Theater.jpg
The Craterian from Vogel Plaza
Address 23 South Central Ave
City Medford, Oregon
Country United States
Architect Frank Chamberlain Clark
Owned by Rogue Valley Art Association
Capacity 732
Opened 1924-October-20
Rebuilt 1996-1997
Other names The Craterian

The Craterian Ginger Rogers Theater was a theater located in Medford, Oregon, United States. It was named in honor of Ginger Rogers, an actress who performed there as early as 1926.[1][2]


In 1923, the Page Theater burned down after ten years of performances.[3] At the time there were no other theaters in Medford with a large capacity, so in 1924 business owner Jeremiah Henry Cooley and attorney Porter Joseph Neff collaborated to construct one. The building was designed by architect Frank Chamberlain Clark and would be leased to George A. Hunt.[1]

The original name of the theater was decided by a 1925 contest held with a $25 prize. The winning entry, Hunt's Craterian Theater, was submitted by a Mrs. W. P. Brooks, a resident of Medford. The building was renamed Craterian Ginger Rogers Theater in 1997 after the building was restored.[1][2]

The theater has also adopted two local theater organizations: Teen Musical Theater of Oregon[4] and Next Stage Repertory Company.

Now as of August 30, 2012, the theater has been renamed The Collier Center for the Performing Arts named after James Collier, a large benefactor in the Rogue Valley. [5]


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