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Traditional Yahgan basket, woven by Abuela Cristina Calderón, Chile, photo by Jim Cadwell

Cristina Calderón (born 24 May 1928) of Robalo,[1] Puerto Williams, on Navarino Island, Chile, is the last living full-blooded Yaghan person. By 2004, Calderón (often referred to as simply Abuela) and her sister-in-law Emelinda Acuña were the only two remaining native speakers of the Yaghan language.[2] After Acuña died at 84 years of age (October 12, 2005), Calderón became the last living full-blooded Yaghan person.[3] With her granddaughter Cristina Zarraga and her sister Ursula Calderon she published a book of Yaghan stories called Hai Kur Mamashu Shis [I Want to Tell You a Story] in 2005.


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