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Cross Movement Records
Founded 1997
Genre Christian Hip hop
Country of origin U.S.
Location Philadelphia
Official website

Cross Movement Records is an American-based Christian hip hop record label, founded by and based on the Christian hip hop group, The Cross Movement. CMR, founded in 1997, had an agreement with BEC Recordings. In 2005 they made a license agreement with Reach Records' Lecrae. CMR are to release his first three solo albums. Hence solidifying the label's span of music being Da' T.R.U.T.H. & the Cross Movement for the East Coast, Midwest with the artists FLAME and J.R.. In 2006 a new imprint was made, Issachar Recordings, this will release albums with different musical styles than hip hop. Issachar Media will also house Issachar Digital and Issachar Publishing. The first album of the label is Michelle Bonilla's R&B album: "Phenomenal" (2006).

In 2007, the hip-hop duo, Everyday Process were added to the CMR roster as well as Rhyme Council artist, R-Swift. In 2010 CMR signed K-Drama,[1] Philadelphia artist Young Joshua, and DJ group Level 3:16.

Members of Cross Movement Records[edit]

Current Members
  • The Tonic - John Wells
  • Phanatik - Brady Goodwin Jr.
  • Level 3:16
  • Shachah
  • K-Drama
  • Young Joshua
Past Members
  • The Cross Movement (disbanded in 2008)
  • Lecrae (Was licensed and now with Reach Records)
  • Da' T.R.U.T.H. - Emanuel Lambert (dismissed temporarily from record label over personal issues, now signed to Xist Worldwide for a new record deal)
  • The Ambassador (William Branch) (Signed to Xist Worldwide for future recordings after a 2 year break from recording/touring)
  • DJ Official (now with Reach Records)
  • Everyday Process
  • Michelle Bonilla
  • FLAME - Marcus Gray (Active, signed to/owns Clear Sight Music)
  • J.R.
  • R-Swift (also with Rhyme Council)
  • Cruz Cordero
  • Enoch (also with Much Luv Fam) (deceased)


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