Danny MacAskill

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Danny MacAskill
Danny MacAskill.jpg
Personal information
Full name Danny MacAskill
Born (1985-12-23) 23 December 1985 (age 28)
Skye, Scotland
Height 1.76 m (5 ft 9 in)
Team information
Discipline Trials
Role Rider
Rider type Street Trials

Danny MacAskill is a Scottish trials cyclist, from Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye. He works professionally as a street trials pro rider for Inspired Bicycles Ltd.[1] He released "April 2009", a five-and-a-half-minute street trials video, filmed by his flatmate Dave Sowerby, on YouTube on the 19 April 2009 to popular acclaim and widespread media attention. The video features stunts performed by MacAskill set to 'The Funeral' by Band of Horses.[2]

As of April 2009, MacAskill had been practicing for more than 12 years. He gave up his job as a mechanic so he could ride full-time[2] and now lives in Glasgow. In June 2009, MacAskill appeared in the music video for Doves' single "Winter Hill".[3]

On 16 November 2010 MacAskill released a new video "Way Back Home" produced by Red Bull Media House. The video showcases locations around Scotland including Edinburgh Castle, North Berwick, wartime bunkers on the island of Inchgarvie beneath the Forth Bridge and the Cruachan Dam in the Scottish Highlands.[4] In May 2011 Leica Camera released a "Go Play" promotional video featuring him doing tricks in the city of Cape Town. In August 9 of 2011 Cut Media released a video named "Industrial Revolutions". The video, set to 'The Wolves' by Ben Howard, features MacAskill doing tricks in an abandoned Scottish iron works. It was created for Channel 4's documentary Concrete Circus.[5]

In 2011 MacAskill, along with Inspired Bicycles, released his signature trials frame, the "Inspired Skye".[6]

In 2012, Danny MacAskill performed the stunts for the movie Premium Rush.[7] MacAskill is currently managed by the German agency Rasoulution.[8][9]

In early May 2013, Danny was invited to Taichung, Taiwan by a sponsorship partner, Lezyne USA, to film a riding video titled Danny MacAskill in Taiwan - powered by Lezyne.[10] His trip was met with local media attention and the YouTube video has seen increases in views everyday.

In summer 2013, MacAskill published a trial biking project on YouTube called Imaginate[11] which had been shot over 18 months produced by Red Bull Media House and directed by Stu Thompson. In fewer than three weeks, the video had received over 4 million views.[12]

In May 2014, MacAskill released another video through Red Bull Media House called "Epecuen", which was shot on location in Epecuen, Argentina.[13] The town has been submerged underwater for nearly the entirety of the last 25 years, and the video opens with its only resident speaking about it.[13] As of early September 2014, the video has accumulated over 3 million views.


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