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Dany Taner Bahar (born in 1971 in Istanbul, Turkey.[1]) was the Chief Executive Officer of Group Lotus Plc between September 2009 and June 2012. Prior to joining Lotus, Bahar was employed at Ferrari S.p.A..[2][3]


He achieved a Bachelor in Economics and Marketing and then went on to gain an MBA in Economics and Marketing studying in both Vienna and Montreux while at Red Bull. In the early 1990s, he began his professional sports marketing career working in inline skating before moving on to work for the President of the International Roller Sports Federation. In mid-2001 Dany Bahar began working for the reputable wealth management company "the Fritz Kaiser Group" in Lichtenstein, carrying the title of "assistant to the chairman".

Dietrich Mateschitz, a client of FKG, headhunted Bahar in 2002, making him his right-hand man at Red Bull GmbH. During his time at Red Bull, Bahar lead the diversification of the brand into NASCAR and football with the acquisition of teams in Salzburg, New York and Ghana.

In 2007 Bahar joined Ferrari S.p.A. taking on the role of Senior Vice President, Commercial and Brand responsible for worldwide car sales and aftersales. In addition to this, Bahar oversaw the road car and F1 marketing activities, licensing and merchandising.[4] Bahar’s emphasis at Ferrari was ensuring that the products were customer-led rather than engineering-led, ensuring that the needs of the client were paramount. He took a fresh outlook to Ferrari’s traditional approach to activities such as car launches with the online launch of the California allowing the car maker to appeal to a wider, younger audience.[5] Bahar also increased the merchandising activity.

In 2010, Bahar was approached by Group Lotus owners Proton Holdings Behad. After putting together a five year, business plan to return the company to profit, Bahar accepted the offer and began his tenure as Chief Executive Officer of Group Lotus where he remained in charge until June 2012.

In an interview with Top Gear Magazine in 2012 he said: "There are lots of improvements since we started this journey back in 2009 – let me list the most important ones: " We established Lotus Product Council to ensure improved governance around product development. We moved to multi-line approach to improve production optimisation and flow. The dealer network is undergoing rationalisation, with new markets developed and less effective sites closed. Modernisation and improvements of the Lotus site. Third-party engineering division restructured and strengthened."

He repositioned and relaunched the marque to a global media audience at the Paris Motor Show in 2010 where five new show cars were unveiled.[6] Bahar reignited Lotus motorsport activity partnering the car manufacturer with F1 teams, GP2, Le Mans, Rally and other motorsport disciplines, allowing the brand a global reach.[7]

Bahar’s term at Lotus ended in June 2012 after a new owner bought Lotus’ parent company Proton.[8] It was speculated that the new owners did not share Bahar’s vision for the brand and put the business plan on hold, an action which could have been responsible for many of Bahar’s senior management team leaving Lotus. He is one of several former employees and associates engaged in legal dispute with the new share holders.[9][10][11]

A statement from Dany Bahar's spokesperson reads: “Mr Bahar vigorously disputes the claims about improper or unauthorised spending. He maintains that at all times he acted within the limits of his authority or with the authority of board. His efforts are focussed on the future. He will continue to strenuously deny the allegations made against him and is confident that in time they will prove unfounded.” [12]


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