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For the theatre company, see Dardanella (theatre company).
Cover, sheet music, 1919
Published 1919
Form Blues
Writer Felix Bernard/Johnny S. Black
Lyricist Fred Fisher
Language English

"Dardanella" is a popular song published in 1919 by Fred Fisher, who wrote the lyrics for the music written by Felix Bernard and Johnny S. Black. Band conductor Ben Selvin (1898–1980) led into the 1920s with his hit instrumental version of Dardanella. The song held the No. 1 spot on the U.S. charts for 13 weeks, and sold a seemingly incredible five million copies.[1]

Its chorus is:

Oh sweet Dardanella
I love your harem eyes.
I'm a lucky fellow
To capture such a prize.
Oh Allah knows, my love for you
And he tells you to be true
Dardanella,Oh hear my sigh,
My Oriental,
Oh sweet Dardanella
Prepare the wedding wine,
There'll be one girl in my harem
When you're mine.
We'll build a tent
Just like the children
Of the Orient,
Oh, sweet Dardanella
My star of love divine![2]


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