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Dave Smith Instruments
Founded 2002
Headquarters 1527 Stockton Street
San Francisco, California
Key people Dave Smith, Founder
Products Musical instruments
Website www.davesmithinstruments.com

Dave Smith Instruments is an American company based in San Francisco, California which manufactures electronic musical instruments. The company was founded in 2002 by Dave Smith, best known as the founder of Sequential Circuits and lead designer of its legendary Prophet_5, as well as for his pioneering work on MIDI.


Many concepts and technologies previously used in Smith's Sequential Circuits designs have factored into Dave Smith Instruments new products, along with completely new designs. The Prophet '08 and Prophet 12 share the name of some of Sequential Circuits' most successful synthesizers, and the Evolver series shares vector synthesis technology first released by Sequential in Smith's own Prophet VS in 1986.[1]

In 2009, Smith announced that he was collaborating with Roger Linn (the inventor of the first drum machine to use digital samples) to design a new drum machine called Tempest which would utilize analog synthesis. The production version of Tempest was unveiled at the Winter NAMM show in January 2012.[2]


  • 2002 Evolver tabletop analog/digital synthesizer
  • 2003 Evolver Keyboard analog/digital keyboard synthesizer
  • 2004 Poly Evolver analog/digital synthesizer module
  • 2005 PolyEvolver Keyboard analog/digital keyboard synthesizer
  • 2007 Prophet '08 8-voice analog keyboard synthesizer
  • 2008 Prophet '08 Module 8-voice analog synthesizer module
  • 2009 Mopho monophonic tabletop analog synthesizer
  • 2010 Tetra 4-voice tabletop analog synthesizer
  • 2011 Tempest analog drum machine and synthesizer
  • 2012 Mopho X4 4-voice analog keyboard synthesizer
  • 2013 Prophet 12 12-voice hybrid keyboard synthesizer
  • 2013 Mopho SE monophonic keyboard synthesizer
  • 2014 Prophet 12 Module 12-voice hybrid synthesizer module


Prophet '08'

  • Key Buy Award (Keyboard Magazine, November 2007)
  • Musikmesse International Press (MIPA) Award, March 2008
  • Musiciplayers WIHO Award (2008)

Evolver and Evolver Keyboard

  • Key Buy Award (Keyboard Magazine, March 2003)
  • Key Buy Award (Keyboard Magazine, August 2006)
  • Musicplayers WIHO Award (2006)

Poly Evolver Keyboard

  • Future Music 2006 Ace Award
  • TEC Award nomination (Mix Magazine, 2006) Technical Excellence & Creativity in the category of Outstanding Technical Achievement, Musical Instrument Technology.
  • Synthesizer Of The Year Award (Electronic Musician Magazine, 2006)
  • "Most psychedelic electronic instrument 2005" (Psychedelickitchen.org, 2005)

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