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David Behrman (born Salzburg, Austria, August 16, 1937) is a US composer and the producer of Columbia Records' Music of Our Time series. He was also a founding member of the Sonic Arts Union. He toured with the Merce Cunningham Dance Company and has worked with Ben Neill. He was a part of Robert Ashley's Music with Roots in the Aether interview series. He is known as a minimalist composer.

His music has often involved interactions between live performers and computers, usually with the computer generating sounds triggered by some aspect of the live performance, usually certain pitches, but sometimes other aspects of the live sound, such as volume in QRSL (as recorded by Maggi Payne on The Extended Flute (CRI807). Many of his significant works, such as On the Other Ocean, Interspecies Small Talk, and others have been released on Lovely Music.

In 1994, he was awarded a grant from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts Grants to Artists Award.

He has been a member of the Avery Graduate Arts Program faculty at Bard College since 1998. He was co-director of the Center for Contemporary Music at Mills College in 1975-1980, and has taught also at CalArts, Rutgers, and the Technical University in Berlin.


  • On the Other Ocean Lovely Music Ltd. 1977.
  • Leapday Night Lovely Music Ltd. 1987
  • Unforeseen Events XI Records, 1991
  • Wave Train Alga Marghen, 1998
  • My Dear Siegfried XI Records,2005


  • 1976 - Music With Roots in the Aether: Opera for Television. Tape 1: David Behrman. Produced and directed by Robert Ashley. New York, New York: Lovely Music.
  • 2008 - Roulette TV: David Behrman. Roulette Intermedium Inc.

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