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David Low Dodge (June 14, 1774 - April 23, 1852) helped to establish the New York Peace Society [1] and was a founder of the New York Bible Society and the New York Tract Society.


David Low Dodge was born in Brooklyn, Connecticut on June 14, 1774.[2] His parents were David Earl Dodge and Mary (Stuart) Dodge.[citation needed] His mother is said to have been the daughter of a Scottish nobleman.[citation needed] From the age of seven to fourteen, except two months of district school in winter, he was working on a farm in Hampton, Connecticut.

He was a teacher at the age of nineteen, first in community schools then in private ones. He later began selling dry goods in Hartford, Connecticut. He also managed the first cotton factory built in Connecticut, near the town of Norwich. In the early 19th century he relocated to New York City.

On June 7, 1798, he married Sarah Cleveland, the daughter of Rev. Aaron Cleveland.[2][3] They had seven children including William E. Dodge and Elizabeth Clementine Stedman. He was also the great-grandfather of Grace Hoadley Dodge.

He died on April 23, 1852 in New York City.

Founded Organizations[edit]


  • The Mediator's Kingdom not of This World (1809)
  • War Inconsistent with the Religion of Jesus Christ (1812)


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