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Dayton Hyde is an American expository author.

Most of his books take place in rural, agricultural settings where he has lived most of his life. His books advocate an environmentally responsible philosophy of land management, for example encouraging wild coyotes to eat local mice rather than using toxic chemicals.

He was born in Marquette, Michigan, in the 1920s. He ran a ranch in Oregon, and now lives in South Dakota.

Notable books[edit]

  • Home
  • Sandy
  • Yamsi
  • Pasture of Beyond
  • Don Coyote
  • The Major, the Poacher
  • Island of the Loons
  • The Bells of Lake Superior
  • Mr. Beans
  • Life in the Saddle
  • Wild Horses
  • Where Horses Run Free
  • Tributes
  • Strange Companion

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