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Death Threat are pioneering gangsta rap artists in the Philippines composed of MCs O.G. Beware,Genecide, Hi-Jakkk, O-Dogg, Gloc-9, Konflick, Phat-L, Dyablo, Sir Scratch and Radical M.K. At a time when party themed tracks dominated Pinoy rap as exemplified by such mainstream artists like Denmark a.k.a Mr. Bayag and Andrew E, they released their seminal Gusto Kong Bumaet debut LP which ushered the Philippine hardcore and gangsta rap scene. The group became famous for their song "Gusto Kong Bumaet" which told tales of the daily lives of the young impoverished Filipino youth growing up in the city streets and slum areas. Other singles are "Ilibing Ng Buhay" with Pooch of Ghetto Doggs, "24 Oras", "Kamusta Na", "Babae Ay Minamahal", and "Private Diane" with Ely Buendia and master rapper Francis M. They have released several albums since then and are currently signed to the record label Real Deal Productions.



  • 1993: Gusto Kong Bumaet
  • 1995: Wanted
  • 1997: Kings Of Da Undaground
  • 1998: Beware: The Return (O.G. Beware)
  • 1998: Beware: The Return of Beware aw aw 2 (O.G.A.G. Beware)
  • 1999: Reincarnation (Compilation Album)
  • 1999: Kasalanan (Genezide)
  • 2002: Still Wanted: Da 2nd Chapter
  • 2005: Beware: Revenge Of Tha Undaground
  • T.B.A.: Death Threat 8
  • Kings Of Rap Game Sa Pinas
  • The Return of Gloc-9
  • wala lang


  • Nhico C
  • Kapuroy
  • John Rendez
  • Earshot Quest
  • Tito, Vic and Joey
  • Jasper Del Valle (Biggie One)
  • Nholdie Nholdz (since 1998)
  • Doc Alvin Alvarez
  • Mike-One Arroyo
  • Bobby Blaze
  • Ron Jeremy
  • DJ Joker
  • DJ Buddha
  • Willie Revillame
  • Kingpin
  • Rhyxodus (Apokalipsis)
  • Duanesis (Apokalipsis)
  • Trixx (A-Clan)
  • Madmike (X3)
  • Damn-U


  • DJ DC Jack
  • Francis "Danger" Sapaden
  • Veneno (since 1997)
  • Deejay Pile
  • MC Shorty G (since 2006)
  • Wangbu (Enigmatiko)
  • Ralph Albert Cosimo
  • Dana White
  • Owi Boy (DTG 1st Geon)
  • Wilson Racimo
  • Dante (DTG 1st Generation)
  • Arrol Casanova (DTG 1st Generation)
  • Knifer
  • Shorty Loc
  • Madkillah (Salbakuta)
  • Charlie-Mac (Salbakuta)
  • Bendeatha (Salbakuta)
  • Lemuel Cruz (Salbakuta)
  • June Jhunkie (Razzamanazz)
  • Anthonymous (Razzamanazz)
  • Daniel Craig
  • Jonan Aguilar
  • Makaveli Araneta
  • OG Hampas Langit


  • Marvin D.5 (Tatak Buhin Clan)
  • Jess(o_O)v (Tatak Buhin Clan)
  • NEsMAL (Tatak Buhin Clan)
  • I'mBatmanBitch (Tatak Buhin Clan)
  • Pongkolaipin (jeff) (Tatak Buhin Clan)
  • Carla/Carla/Carla ng Arts Team (Tatak Buhin Clan)
  • Matz D Juanderer (Tatak Buhin Clan)
  • Unknown Texter (not yet Member)
  • MaDONNAT (Tatak Buhin Clan)
  • Look Up in the Skywalker (Tatak Buhin Clan)

This Ghetto Group released their 1st ever 1 hit wonder album titled "Wala L.A.N.G." with a lot of one song title "BOOM Basag". Under UP and Down DONGALO Records.


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