Delaware gubernatorial election, 1992

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Delaware gubernatorial election, 1992
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November 4, 1992 → 1996

  Thomas Carper.jpg
Nominee Tom Carper B. Gary Scott
Party Democratic Republican
Running mate Ruth Ann Minner Sherman N. Miller
Popular vote 179,365 90,725
Percentage 64.74% 32.75%

Delaware Election Results by county, all Democrat.png

County Results

Governor before election

Dale E. Wolf

Elected Governor

Thomas R. Carper

The 1992 Delaware gubernatorial election took place on November 4, 1992. Incumbent Republican Governor Mike Castle, barred by term limits from seeking another term as Governor of Delaware, instead sought election to the United States House of Representatives. Congressman and Democratic nominee Tom Carper defeated Republican nominee B. Gary Scott in a landslide, winning his first term in office.

Democratic primary[edit]


  • Tom Carper, U.S. Representative, former Delaware State Treasurer
  • Daniel D. Rappa


Democratic Party primary results[1]
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Tom Carper 36,600 89.19%
Democratic Daniel D. Rappa 4,434 10.81%
Totals 41,034 100.00%

Republican primary[edit]


  • B. Gary Scott, insurance company executive
  • Wilfred Plomis


Republican Party primary results[2]
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican B. Gary Scott 23,994 81.78%
Republican Wilfred Plomis 5,346 18.22%
Totals 29,340 100.00%

General election[edit]


Delaware gubernatorial election, 1992[3]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Democratic Tom Carper 179,365 64.74% +35.48%
Republican B. Gary Scott 90,725 32.75% -37.98%
A Delaware Party Floyd E. McDowell 3,779 1.36%
Libertarian Richard A. Cohen 3,165 1.14%
Majority 88,640 32.00% -9.47%
Turnout 277,034
Democratic gain from Republican Swing