Delilah (The Dresden Dolls song)

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Song by The Dresden Dolls from the album Yes, Virginia...
Released April 2006
Recorded 2005
Genre Alternative rock, Dark Cabaret
Length 6:54
Label Roadrunner
Writer Amanda Palmer
Producer Sean Slade, Paul Q. Kolderie, and The Dresden Dolls
For other uses, see Delilah (disambiguation).

"Delilah" is a song by the punk cabaret duo The Dresden Dolls, released on their second studio album Yes, Virginia....

The song is speculated to have many meanings, ranging from Delilah (the subject of the ballad) being a woman who continues to come back to a man who doesn't treat her right, to Delilah being a prostitute who has fallen for one of her clients.[citation needed] In the song, Amanda is saying that Delilah is 'an unrescuable schizo' or else 'on the rag', blaming either of those for Delilah's actions.[original research?] The line, "lets see how fast this thing can go" may be a reference to Thelma and Louise.[original research?]

In an interview with Songfacts, Amanda Palmer said: "Delilah's like a human mash-up. I didn't have an actual friend named Delilah. She just creeped into my consciousness. But she's as many parts me as she is all of the down-and-out friends I've had over the years." [1]

Amanda Palmer, the head Doll, wrote herself into the song, being a friend of Delilah.[citation needed]


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