The Dresden Dolls Companion

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The Dresden Dolls Companion
Dresden Dolls companion cover.jpg
Author Amanda Palmer
Country United States
Language English
Publisher Eight Foot Music
Publication date
July 2006
Media type Print (softcover)
Pages 188
ISBN 978-1-57560-888-4
OCLC 71815728
Followed by 'The Dresden Dolls – The Virginia Companion'

The Dresden Dolls Companion is a songbook by American musical duo The Dresden Dolls which was released in July 2006. It contains sheet music from the band's debut record, The Dresden Dolls, and insight into the songwriting, song-meanings, and process by which the record was prepared and recorded, as well as color photos of the band throughout the years. Each page of sheet music has scribbled extras and suggestions hand-written in by Amanda Palmer.


The following songs are featured in sheet music form: