Devajyoti Ray

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Devajyoti Ray
Devajyoti Ray.jpg
Born 1974 (age 40–41)
Known for Visual Art, Installation,
Movement Pseudorealism

Devajyoti Ray (Born in 1974) is an Indian painter[1] and installation artist whose works attained significance [2] in the post-liberalization phase of Indian economy. His works have been exhibited internationally and have been acquired by many art academies.[3] Devajyoti Ray is primarily known for his particular genre of work called Pseudorealism,[4] which involves the use of offbeat colours and abstract shapes to arrive at an imagery which looks as comprehendible as real. Devajyoti Ray lives and works in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata.


Devajyoti Ray was born in 1974. He initially studied Economics at Presidency College, but later began involving himself in the practice of artmaking and organised many group shows in various cities in India. In 2003 Devajyoti Ray came up with a new style which he called Pseudorealism.[5] It was noted as an original Indian Art form by the press following his own definition.


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