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Digby is an American power pop band originally formed in January 2000 in Louisville, Kentucky. They had been known as 100 Acre Wood before that. The band is fairly popular within the city and surrounding area. During 2000, Digby released its first album, Laughing At The Trees. In 2004, they released their most notable album to date, Falling Up, on June 1, 2004 under the Toucan Cove/Label X label. The album was produced by Todd Smith, who has done work with Days of the New and Smash Mouth. The album debuted #1 on the ear X-tacy sales chart, #92 on the CIMS sales chart, #20 on R&R's specialty chart, and #7 on FMQB's Submodern Report.



  • The name had previously been used by the short lived 'indie' rock band based in Knaresborough, England, circa 1997. This band remained largely intact to form the marginally better known five piece "The Usual Suspects".
  • There is also an Australian band of the same name

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