Dinmukhamet Akhimov

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Dinmukhamet Akhimov
Born Dinmukhamet Akhimov
(1948-08-08) August 8, 1948 (age 66)
Aktogay, Ayagoz District, East Kazakhstan Province, Kazakhstan
Residence Almaty, Kazakhstan
Occupation Actor
Years active 1968 – present
Children 2

Dinmukhamet "Dimash" Akhimov (Russian: Динмухамет "Димаш" Ахимов; born August 8, 1948) is a Kazakh actor, honoured artist of Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic, holder of "Kurmet" medal, member of Film-makers Association of the Republic of Kazakhstan.[1][2][3]


Dinmukhamet Akhimov has been acting since 1968. He graduated from a two-year course at "Kazakhfilm" picture studio. In 1970 he entered in the All-Union State Film Institute of Order of the Red Banner of Labour (Moscow) to the course of the People's Artist of USSR Boris Babochkin and in 1974 he successfully graduated from this Institute. His thesis work was a leading role in the play of William Shakespeare's "Othello" and a role of the city-provost in the play of Nikolai Gogol "The Inspector General" In 1987 he entered the stage direction faculty of Almaty State Art and Theatre Institute named after T. Zhurgenov (nowadays Cinema Academy), which he graduated from in 1990.

During his 40-year career in acting he has appeared in over 100 films at 13 film studios of former USSR and non-CIS countries: Czechoslovakia, Poland, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France, Japan, India, Iran, and others. He currently resides in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

In 1990 his work in cinematography was awarded the "Honoured Artist of Kazakh SSR", and In 2008 Akhimov received the "Kurmet" medal.[4]


Films in which Dinmukhamet Akhimov has appeared include the following.[5][6][7]

Year Film Role Country
1968 Kyz-Zhibek Hero Syrlybaya  Soviet Union
Traveling to Childhood Servant  Soviet Union
1969 Angel in a Skull-cap Episode  Soviet Union
1970 Siberian Grandfather White guard  Soviet Union
1975 Basketballers Dimash  Soviet Union
Balapan Smith  Soviet Union
1976 Bread and Salt Tulep  Soviet Union
Alpamys Goes to School Instructor  Soviet Union
Summer in the Zoo Zoo Worker  Soviet Union
Kusen Kuseke Asker  Soviet Union
"Wedding" Operation Ordabai  Soviet Union
1977 Fiancee Big Fellow  Soviet Union
Originals Lazybones  Soviet Union
Anziya Plowman  Soviet Union
Once and for Life Toke  Soviet Union
Raushan Dzhigit  Soviet Union
1978 Steppe Stories Omar  Soviet Union
On the Night of Lunar Eclipse Kuser Bai  Soviet Union
Flavor of bread Driver Sechkin  Soviet Union
1979 City's Guard Zhumabai  Soviet Union
Trooper Under the Clouds Abdrakhman  Soviet Union
Process Bozo  Soviet Union
Blood and Sweat Fisherman  Soviet Union
Village Mosaic Oral  Soviet Union
1980 Runners Are Hasten Batyr  Soviet Union
Golden Autumn Beishenbai  Soviet Union
Drift Cowboy  Soviet Union
Chinking Heat Season Askerbek  Soviet Union
We Are Adult Dunbai  Soviet Union
1981 Last Passage Seit  Soviet Union
Farewell to Medeo Big Clown  Soviet Union


Dobrodei Bolat  Soviet Union
Melon Conductor  Soviet Union
Intolerable Children Zhamal's Husband  Soviet Union
1982 Ambler's Talisman Yerken  Soviet Union
Red Yurt Mergen-bai  Soviet Union
Home Under the Moon Yesen  Soviet Union
Children's War Time Fisherman  Soviet Union
Snowstorm Night Kaisar's Friend  Soviet Union
Capricorn Motan  Soviet Union
1983 Wash Away Your Guilt Zhanas  Soviet Union
Via Lactea Chairman  Soviet Union
Enemy, be afraid of the ninth son Karazhal  Soviet Union
Descendant of the White Panther Merchant Mukhammed  Soviet Union
1984 Welcome Adam Adam  Soviet Union
Silver Snuffle Zhunus  Soviet Union
Human Factor Edik  Soviet Union
1985 My Home on Green Hills Gubaidulla  Soviet Union
1986 Deer-man Akhan  Soviet Union
Lame Dervish Gadman  Soviet Union


Honour Your Name Economist  Soviet Union
Weaker Woman Passport Office Worker  Soviet Union
Turksib Railroad Man  Soviet Union
Time for Life Asker  Soviet Union
Peter the Great Mongol Fighter  United States
1987 Who are You, Rider? Fyedya  Soviet Union
Wormseed Motorcyclist  Soviet Union
Son-in-law From Province Aidos  Soviet Union
Shanyrak Serik  Soviet Union
Beautiful Aisulu Karabai  Soviet Union
1988 Reception center for underaged Vakhidov  Soviet Union
Balcony Episode  Soviet Union
Kulan Calf Batyr  Soviet Union
Whirlwind Man in Glasses  Soviet Union
Chase Eshmat  Soviet Union
Baybars Emir  Soviet Union
1989 Incomer Karakhan  Soviet Union
The Latvians?! Saken  Soviet Union
The Death of Kulan Koktebet  Soviet Union
East Corridor or Central Asian Racket Vasya  Soviet Union
The Fall of Otrar Khumar-Khadzhei  Soviet Union
1990 The Leg Afghan  Soviet Union
The Lord of Darkness Episode  Soviet Union
Gangsters in the Ocean Filipino Bremo  Soviet Union
Kaisar Batyr  Soviet Union
1991 Cannibal Torgai Kemelbayev  Soviet Union
1992 Pharaoh Inventor Emperor Mekhter  Kazakhstan


1993 Code of Silence Adyl  Russia


1995 Imom al-Bukhoriy Az-Zukhli  Tajikistan


Abai Maibasar  Kazakhstan


1996 Shanghai Dimash  Kazakhstan
1999 Ba-Bo-Bu Policeman  Italy


Timur the Great Bekkichik  Uzbekistan
Magic Sponsor Supervisor Asker  Kazakhstan
2002 Luna Papa Gynecologist  Germany


2005 Saga of Old Bulgars Shorale  Russia


2007 Wind-man Tea-man  Russia
Makhambet Makhambet's Tutor  Kazakhstan
Hokkaido Police Nakamuro-san  Russia


2008 Road to Mangazeya Bakhman  Russia
2009 The Inhabited Island Behemoth  Russia
2012 Kniga legend: Tainstvenniy les Czar  Kazakhstan
Waiting for the Sea Starik  Russia


Myn Bala [8] Third aristocrat  Kazakhstan
2013 Hard to Be a God [9] Servant  Russia
Lyubov traktorista Akim  Kazakhstan
2014 Kempir Singer  Kazakhstan
Zhol/Put Boksera Bek  Kazakhstan
Marco Polo (TV series) Turban Guide  United States


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