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Dmitri Pavlovich Parsky (Russian: Дмитрий Павлович Парский) (17 (26) October, 1866 - 20 December, 1921) was a Russian general

In 1893 he attended the General Staff Academy.
In World War I, he commanded the 12th Army from 20 July to 9 September 1917 and the 3rd Army from 9 September 1917 to 8 November 1917.

He was the first battle-experienced Tsarist General to offer his services to the Red Army,[1] explaining his viewpoint thus

"I am far from this Bolshevism you preach. But I am ready to work honourably not only with them, but with anyone, even the Devil and his disciples, if only to save Russia from German slavery."[2]

During the Russian Civil War, he first was commander of the Narva Front and later of the entire Northern Front.

He died of typhus in 1921.

Honours and awards[edit]


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