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"Double Shot" is a single by The Residents. Although the back track listing has the words "God in Three Persons" between them, it tells us that 'The Thing About Them' is adapted from it and 'Double Shot' served as inspiration for it. The main part of the song is a cover of "Double Shot (Of My Baby's Love)", a minor hit for The Swingin' Medallions in 1966. The song also appeared as part of the music on the Residents' The Third Reich and Roll album. The single was released as a CD-3 in the United States and as a 7-inch single and CD-3 in the Netherlands.

The track listing varied with format.

CD-3 Track Listing[edit]

  1. Double Shot
  2. Loss of Loved One (Extended Version)
  3. Kiss of Flesh (Instrumental)

Dutch 7-inch single[edit]

  1. Double Shot
  2. The Thing About Them