Dry Dock Brewing Company

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Dry Dock Brewing Company
Industry Alcoholic beverage
Founded 2005
Founders Kevin DeLange & Kevin Kellogg
Headquarters Aurora, Colorado, USA
Products Beer
Production output 1,200 US beer barrels (140,000 l; 37,000 US gal; 31,000 imp gal)
Owners Kevin and Michelle DeLange
Website http://www.drydockbrewing.com/
Footnotes / references
"Four ingredients, infinite possibilities"

Dry Dock Brewing Company is a brewery located in southeast Aurora, Colorado.[1] Since opening, Dry Dock has won awards from both the World Beer Cup and the Great American Beer Festival, winning Small Brewing Company of the Year in 2009 at the great American Beer Festival.


Dry Dock Brewing Company was created in October 2005 when Kevin DeLange, owner of The Brew Hut homebrew shop, decided that his homebrew store would benefit from an attached brewery.[2] With the help of homebrewer Kevin Kellogg, the two opened Dry Dock Brewing Company. After almost 4 years in a small unit adjacent to The Brew Hut, Dry Dock expanded to the end unit in the same strip mall, both increasing the tasting room area from 30 seats to over 80 and upgrading to a 7-barrel steam-jacketed brew system.[3] Dry Dock quickly outgrew its expansion, with another expansion planned.[1]

List of Beers Brewed[edit]

Home Fleet[edit]

Name Style ABV% IBU
H.M.S. Victory ESB ESB 5.8 49
USS Enterprise IPA 6.4 63
Paragon Apricot Blonde Fruit Beer 5.3 17
Urca Vanilla Porter Spiced beer 5.5 33
H.M.S. Bounty Old Ale Old Ale 6.5 35
Breakwater Pale Ale Pale Ale 5.8 40
U-Boat Hefeweizen Hefeweizen 4.3 12
Seven Seas Double IPA Imperial IPA 9.0 86


Visiting Vessels[edit]

Dry Dock's Beers
Name Style ABV% IBU
Yellow Submarine Helles 5.0 20
Bismarck Altbier 5.3 44
Lachlan's Quadrupel Belgian Specialty 11.1 30
Bill's Malted Milk Stout Sweet Stout 7.2 22
Walt's Frambozen Belgian Brown with Raspberries 5.4 17
Half Moon Pumpkin Ale Pumpkin Ale 5.7 17
Whale Tail Belgian Wit 4.2 20
Oaked ESB Barrel Aged Beer 5.8 49
Topsail Belgian Tripel 8.5 30
Cream Ale Cream Ale 4.4 18
Coconut Porter Fruit Beer 5.5 33
Dunkelweisen Dunkelweizen 4.5 16
Rhein River German Pilsner 4.5 40
Overboard Belgian Wit 4.2 20
Dunkelstilsken Munich Dunkel 5.1 28
J-9's Oatmeal Stout 6.6 30
Naked Porter Brown Porter 5.5 33
Naked Vixen's Ale Belgian Golden Strong 9.25 22
Briess CaraBrown Brown Ale 5.4 25
Shallow Draft Blonde Ale 5.0 20
Barnacle Brown Ale 5.2 19
Vixen's Belgian Golden Strong with Cherries 9.25 22
Three Heavy Scottish Wee Heavy 9.5 20
Reveille Coffee Stout 5.9 30
Köln Sunset Kölsch-style Ale 4.7 20
Mouettes Joignastes Saison 7.9 37
S.S. Minnow Mild Ale 3.3 17
Close Call Brown Ale 5.1 21
Big Hitter English Barleywine 9.3 47
Rahab Belgian Dark Strong 9.4 32
Hanley's Baltic Porter 10.8 64
Trafalgar Braggot 12.2 25


Bottled Beers[edit]

Farmhouse Ale Saison

Dry Dock has bottled three different beers to date: Immolator Doppelbock, Farmhouse Ale Saison and Seven Seas Double IPA. Immolator Doppelbock was bottled in December 2009 with limited release. Farmhouse Ale Saison was bottled in the Spring of 2010, also limited in its release. After purchasing a 6-head bottler, Dry Dock began bottling their Seven Seas Double IPA for release in the greater Denver area.

Future bottled beers include U-Boat Hefeweizen and Urca Vanilla Porter.

Pumpkin Ale Firkin

Firkin Friday[edit]

Each and every Friday, Dry Dock taps a special one-off firkin, a cask-conditioned version of one of their available beers. Occasionally, the beers are conditioned with odd items such as wasabi and rice.[5]

In 2010, Dry Dock served their Kölsch from a watermelon and their Half Moon Pumpkin Ale through a locally-grown 208 lb pumpkin.


Dry Dock's notoriety began in 2006 after one year in operation, won gold at the World Beer Cup for the H.M.S. Victory ESB.[6][7] In 2008, Dry Dock won a Bronze for the HMS Bounty Old Ale at the World Beer Cup,[8] following up with a Silver medal for the S.S. Minnow Mild ale at the Great American Beer Festival.[9] For 2009 at the Great American Beer Festival, Dry Dock won a Gold medal for their Bismarck Alt and Silver medals for their Reines Märzen and U-Boat Hefeweizen, landing them Small Brewing Company and Small Brewing Company Brewer of the Year for 2009.[10][11] At the 2010 World Beer Cup, Dry Dock walked away with a Silver medal for their 3 Heavy Wee Heavy Scottish Ale,[12] along with 4 Silver medals at the 2010 Great American Beer Festival for their Docktoberfest Märzen, U-Boat Hefeweizen, Bismarck Alt and Whale Tail Wit.[13]


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