Dutchtown High School (Hampton, Georgia)

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Dutchtown High School
149 Mitchell Rd.
Hampton, Georgia Henry County,
Coordinates 33°28′15″N 84°15′13″W / 33.470816°N 84.25351°W / 33.470816; -84.25351Coordinates: 33°28′15″N 84°15′13″W / 33.470816°N 84.25351°W / 33.470816; -84.25351
Motto To Educate, Encourage, and Empower
Established 2004
Principal Dr. Terry Oats
Assistant principals Ms. Philena Johnson, Dr. Jeffrey Ross
Grades 9–12
Education system Henry County School System
Color(s) Red, Black, White
Athletics Football, Basketball, Softball, Baseball, Soccer, Tennis, Golf, Etc.
Mascot Bulldog
Team name Bulldogs

Dutchtown High School is a public high school located north of Hampton, Georgia. It opened in August 2004. The principal is Dr. Terry Oats.

The mascot is the bulldogs.

Dutchtown High School is located in the Dutchtown settlement in the old Sixth Militia District of Henry County. Dutchtown was settled in the middle 19th Century by German (Deutsche) settlers. Their neighbors began to refer to the area as Dutchtown. Dutchtown is located along the old McDonough-Fayetteville Stagecoach Road, now called Jonesboro Road. The stagecoach stop was across the road from County Line Church. The High School is located in the same area as Dutchtown Middle and Elementary Schools.

Dutchtown Schools are located on the site of the Ahls Family Farm. The establishment of the original Dutchtown School is recorded in the Board of Education minutes on March 7, 1776. Dutchtown School was one of 85 schools located in Henry County in the early 20th century but now is the only one left standing within a 25 mile radius. Many of the early schoolhouses were constructed in the settlements by the community at the expense of the parents and other interested citizens. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries the schools in this area were Dutchtown, Progress, Hopewell, Mount Olive, Mount Carmel and Liberty Hill.

On November 19, 2010 the Dutchtown Bulldogs broke the record for the most football games won in a single season (11) by a public school in Henry County Georgia .

Also, they hold a literary state championship in 2010 by their leader Dr. Usher, a prestigious that doesn't accept defeat.

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